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Aw yeah, old school dungeon crawling!

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Young snide is excited

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I find this very appealing.

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wow, want

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Love the way this looks

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Although this game is developed for PC, I think it's interface could do very well on tablets.

EDIT: DOH! Misread iOS...

Posted by rargy

Never been a fan of these types of games but i want to try this.

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Dave told you to put this up didn't he?

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I really want to play this
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Holy crap I want this.

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Neat. Even though it has nothing to do with these types of games, I for some reason immediately thought of Myst IV. Even so, I want to play this game.

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Saw this on Rock, Paper, Shotgun the other day. Looks absolutely fantastic. Everything I want in a game these days. Cannot wait.

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This looks pretty good :D.

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Oh man, Might and Magic vibes are hitting me so friggin hard right now.

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@NewDust said:

Although this game is developed for PC, I think it's interface could do very well on tablets.

Could tablets help PC gaming grow even more?

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@NewDust said:

Although this game is developed for PC, I think it's interface could do very well on tablets.

Taken from their official website:

"Legend of Grimrock is a dungeon crawl game for PC, Mac and iOS. Developed by Almost Human Ltd."

Pretty sure they had the iPad in mind. Hopefully they're able to make it for Android when they're complete.

Posted by Landon

I like the way everything animates. 

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Finally! Eye of the Beholder IV! I'm excited!

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Looks cool. Reminds me of Lands of Lore and those kinds of games I used to play.

Posted by Fenrir

Love the way this looks! Anyone remember Eye of the Beholder for the Amiga?

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Absolutely amazing, this is how RPG's should be, either full on dungeon crawlers, or integrated into action (like Deus Ex). Final Fantasy and other like games seriously ruined the name of D&D evolutions like this.

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I've never actually played one of these kinds of games, but I do have fond memories of watching my friend play one of them. Either way, its really cool to see a style of game as old as this get some new life.

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Looks great.

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I miss Stonekeep :(

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What was old is new again.

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Looks interesting.

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It's cool that this is getting made but that does not look like fun to me.

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1994 called. It said this was awesome.

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Wow, this does look pretty cool. Seeing old school game play is always fun. I've never played one of these before, does anyone have any good recommendations that could hold me over?

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I thought this was some kind of joke when the video first started playing.
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This looks very much like a game I would play

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Wow... there isnt many games like this coming out nowadays

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@mosdl said:

@NewDust said:

Although this game is developed for PC, I think it's interface could do very well on tablets.

Could tablets help PC gaming grow even more?

Heh, that's a good proposition.  I actually wonder about that too:  maybe there could be a way for tablets to offer a mobile version of a PC game that you play.  MMO's could probably add in stuff to keep you in contact with your gaming buddies and do MMO maintenance type stuffs.
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I'm so happy this exists. :D

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Wow id love to play this on the PC game looks really fun. A nice game to dive in relax and do some dungeon crawling :)

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Oh man tihs looks so cool. I need this game!!

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Just take my money already.

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Everything was great until the giant spiders. Goddamnit I hate spiders.

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Hope it commes on floppy disk.

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I'm so happy that someone is still making a game like this! Consider my money yours :)

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Also, this looks really cool. Kinda wish the combat was turn-based though; It's current form looks a bit wonky.

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Oh my god! I want this game yesterday! Nostalgia! 
EDIT : I'd really like to see an option to automatically pick up throw ammo, I can see that getting really tedious after a while.

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NICE! This looks like a fantastic remake of Dungeon Master. I can't wait!

Posted by FatherHydra

And suddenly I'm 12 again.

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Very Dungeon Master-y. I like it

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Quaint. I love it.

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I hope there is a noobier setting that has auto knife pick up and simple spell casting.

Why not stick with the selected spell until you switch to another?

Also doing constant inventory managment on 4 people is going to get annoying.

Posted by 2HeadedNinja

yup ... sold!