Posted by curlyq101

Looks amazing for a DL game

Posted by TimeMachine

Wait a downloadable Battlefield game, for consoles, thank you.

Posted by Crono

this is DL? wow this one is gonna make money hand over fist

Posted by McQuinn

Glad to see Bad Company destruction in there.

Posted by Media_Master

Now that is some good DLC

Posted by angelangelv2

Bad Company but with Japs and Marines. Fuck yeah. Planes.

Holy shit DL?

Posted by hide

Heeey, neat. I might grab this.

Posted by Maxszy

I'll be grabbing this when it comes out. No doubt about that.

Posted by ZeX

Nice! Talk about bringing back some memories with Wake Island!!  Hopefully its mod-able so we get another Desert Combat Mod as well =)

Posted by Zeitz

i've missed BF 1942 so much it makes this game a must have...!!!!
1942 was the best... <3

Posted by KyleBaron

Looks pretty friggin' rad!

Posted by Montyboggs

Looks good. I wonder how big of a download it will be?

Posted by peeingintheshowers

wow it looks like it pushes the dl

Posted by FuzzYLemoN

I so desperately wish at least the PC version comes to disk. I want to play the shit out of it, but lack a credit card. Fucking DL only games...

Edited by NarooN

Looks pretty cool. I'll buy it.

for 360 owners: The game is about 300mb from the XBLA so yeah. Dunno about PS3 yet.

Posted by Lifestrike

keep the music. change it to vietnam.

Posted by Kazona

At first I thought it looked meh, then I thought it looked ok, but now that I know it's a DL game, I'm amazed.

Posted by peyjwun

Now all I need is a bigger hard drive hmm...

Posted by George_Hukas

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