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So excited!

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This is increased my interest in single player ~146%

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dat battlefield theme song

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the captions of these videos always entertain me

also wooo battlefield!

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whoa very deep

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god damn Dead Island ad -.-

I need to renew my subscription...

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Game looks incredible.

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Wait... so that means that MW3 is out in 3 weeks? :)

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Love the epic BF theme

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talk about sexy 

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Is anyone else always happy to hear Glenn Morshower's voice? Love that guy.

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That guy at 00:34-38 is in every military film and game, but what I first noticed was how well they made the character look exactly like him. I mean, wow!

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Hells yeah, AND my new PC arrived today! =D

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Can't get enough of that Battlefield theme song.

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Loos awesome... But, the trailer makes the single player plot seem very similar to Bad Company 2... with the whole "lost nuke" idea. Oh well.

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If you're playing Battlefield for the single player you're probably doing something wrong.

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Damn that looks good.

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No Steam, No Sale

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Please don't suck!

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@Rirse: Fanboys


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I bought it on Origin.....If it were any other game I would just have said fuck it.

If Canadian, I would recommend you buy it on origin with your location set to the U.S. saved me $8

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Story looks like it might actually be cool

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It's so intense my head blew off.

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Still trying to decide if I want to play this on PC, not at optimal settings (not sure *how* it will actually look on my rig) or getting it on console. 64 players vs. 32 is a huge factor.

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... And fuck all of you COD fuckshits!

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BF theme makes me cream my jeans.

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I don't expect to play the single-player much but, damn.
Most recent fave SP of an FPS is MW1. I'd be delighted if this topped it in replay-value.

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@Rirse said:

No Steam, No Sale

your loss

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Does anyone actually get moved by these "epic" stories anymore? I mean nukes going off is so common in games these days that it's hard to care. In MW1 it had an impact, but these days not even a hundred nukes will have the same impact. It just comes across like they are trying too hard with all this "OMG OMG OMG THERZ LEIK A NUKE IN PARIZ AND SHIT!!!" even though a single harvest of those little sister in Bioshock has more emotional impact than CoD or BF games will ever have.

Not that the single player is the main reason to play a BF game anyway. This game will live or die depending on how good the multiplayer is.

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@RazeEverything: Clearly he's base jumping.

At 2 feet.

But damn that was a good trailer. I love that I know a metric assload about this game; and yet that trailer was full of new things (like Times Square).

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If someone had told me this was the trailer for MW3, I would probably have believed them.

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Ok, now that the rest of the BF theme song is there, I actually kind of dig it.

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@Airickson: 64 vs 32? I assume you mean total players on PC vs Console, as consoles only have 24 players

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@Rirse said:

No Steam, No Sale

You're like a console warrior except somehow stupider.

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They could edit all video games trailers like this and I'd be okay with. Love what they've done with the classic BF theme and it was cool to hear the original sound creep up in this video too. Can't wait to play it.

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Wow, that police car chase sequence looks awesome!

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Glenn Morshower is literally in the game! I'm sold.

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I love good single player action and I can't wait to play this game specially with the confirmation of Farsi voice acting. That sounded like Omid Djalili at the beginning and that shot that looked like the highway in Tehran looked amazing. I am soooo stoked for Tuesday.

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I got the weirdest boner right now. XD

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that was LOUD! cool sound, though that´s probably the only posivtie thing I can say about the game military FPS don´t move me like before.

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Why is Daniel Craig pointing a gun at me at 1:31? Shit's too real.

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I need a new PC now :(

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I can't wait to play it, but I hope this is the last time we see major release use the whole "middle eastern terrorists" as enemies for a while. It's really beginning to feel old and there are so many, more interesting enemies that could exist.