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This is great and all, but where's my Bad Company 3!?

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Uggggh, single player. That's not what I want from BF.

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I hope I'm not dissappointed!

Edit: Meh.

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That car trapped underwater sequence looks so great, really impressed if that is in engine gameplay.

I'll say it again, 64 player next gen console BF4 could really be a COD killer.

Posted by Solutha

Why bother with a story?

Posted by kubazse

you could have fooled me if you called this 'Medal of Honor 3'

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That song pick sure battles my mind...

How's that? Bad jokes aside, though, that felt about as fitting as that Diddy song in Ass Creed 3's trailer. Gameplay itself also didn't cause any goosebumps, which finally made me come to the scary conclusion, that I can no longer be impressed by a trailer containing mainly explosions. Kinda sad, in a way...but hey, at least those graphics look nice.

Posted by Akeldama

That car trapped underwater sequence looks so great, really impressed if that is in engine gameplay.

I'll say it again, 64 player next gen console BF4 could really be a COD killer.

People who play COD don't necessarily want the BF experience and people who play BF don't necessarily want the COD experience.

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just finished watching the 18 minute trailer

It’s a well done thing, it looks good, but I just don’t get why it exists. It’s a Battlefield game, who cares about the Single Player.

I loved BF3, I have many many hours invested into it, I think premium has been a great return on what I paid for it (hell it has more maps than the base game itself and was much cheaper). I have never, ever, played the Single Player portion of BF3, hell I haven’t even launched that portion to take a look, why would I have?

I’d be potentially interested in the multi of BF4 but it’s another modern day setting, how is it different from BF3? That’s what they need to show to sell me on a new game.

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i've been a battlefield fan since 1942 and this looks good but...it honestly doesn't look a whole lot different from bf3, regardless i'm still buying it

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17min gameplay footage for those wanting more:

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They are following activision trails it seems. Why is this game being released ? it looks the same as BF3, i hope the multiplayer is better than before at least.

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I've always felt that the Battlefield series releases should be like the Starcraft releases. They release one every eight to ten years, that one is fantastic, and people play it until the next one drops.

I don't have the energy to keep up with a Battlefield every couple of years.

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Yeah yeah, story is irrelevant, song choice was weird, and a 17 minute trailer is a bit much. All good points, but I don't give a shit. I thought this looked amazing.

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Because nothing says Battlefield like scripted, cod-esc, cut scenes... I wonder what the new gimmick will be this time. Actually, I don't really care...

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That car scene was actually good, but I really don't want to play another slapped in single player campaign in a mp focused shooter :c

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Screw you guys, I'm excited. This looks like the shit.

Posted by Luck702

I've played a couple hundred hours of BF3 on PC and all I have to say is wtf. Battlefield 3 with all of its DLC is a pretty god damn awesome game that would have player support for years following but no, EA has to annualize this to compete with COD. If they were going to make a new one so soon, make it Bad Company, Make it 2143, anything besides what looks like the same exact game we got 2 years ago.

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@lavs: Breaking news, a TV spot is meant to market the game to a mass audience, not cynical gamers.

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Were this Bad Company 3, I might care about the single player. But as the duder above me says, it's also too soon for me to get super hyped for another mainline Battlefield game. 2143? I could get hyped for that. A full-fledged sequel to Battlefield: Vietnam? Hell yeah, I'd be on that. The only thing I'm looking forward to about Battlefield 4 is having (hopefully) higher player counts on the new consoles, 'cause that's where my group plays, and the 24 player cap on console BF3 is a pretty huge bummer.

Edit: Er, not to say the trailer was bad or anything, it looks good enough. I am just far more invested in the characters from Bad Company than anything they could set up in BF4. Also could have done without the music choice, but hey, popular culture, etc.

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@echoecho: I agree. Personally, Id be more than happy with more BF3 with a higher player cap on the new consoles. Also, let me make a squad with more than 4 people dammit! This is the game that will make me want a next gen console.

The trailer and demo served their purpose, Frostbite 3 looks phenomenal. Idk why people are whining so much about it.

Posted by Lounges

This is great and all, but where's my Bad Company 3!?

@rufshod: This... a million times over

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Nice trailer. Whatever you might think about Battlefield, that has to be congratulated.

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BF4 looks like a lot of fun, if they can pull it off right. I'm always down for an over the top spectacle. So count me in. Looks beautiful, hopefully on next gen. But man...Rhianna is awful

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I think that looks really well done. I tend to be a more single player and co-op kind of player so this is what I like to see out of the future of Battlefield. Don't get me wrong, I've got in well over 100 hours into 3's multiplayer and probably even more with Bad Company 2 but I'm not at all worried that 4 won't have plenty big maps with lots of guys on them.

I just like it when a game I've been running around in for hours shooting dudes gives me a better looking and more interesting reason to run forward and shoot stuff than to get to that flag again.

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That car trapped underwater sequence looks so great, really impressed if that is in engine gameplay.

I'll say it again, 64 player next gen console BF4 could really be a COD killer.

I think it's kind of pathetic that in 2013 publishers, developers and in your case players are still looking for a "COD killer".

Posted by Phatmac

I just want Bad Company 3! I wanna ride the Tryannasours Rex Monster truck with the crew from Bad Company!! Fuck this Battlefield 4 shit!

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If they were gonna do a single player campaign it should have been in the style of Bad Comapny. This type of military shooter campaign has been done to death already.

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White Men Yelling At Each Other 4


Meh, needs more Transformer noises and dubstep.

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I miss Haggard and Sweetwater.

Good on Frostbite getting that bird tech in there, though.

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@solutha said:

Why bother with a story?

Probably the same reason they bother adding multiplayer to some games - in an attempt to maximize sales. Some people won't bother buying a multiplayer-only game.

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Who gives a shit if it's SP or whatever. What the trailer showed me was the engine and it looks fucking gorgeous!

Check out the 17 minute gameplay as well. That's what "next gen" looks like, by which I mean something a step above the current graphical high watermarks of today like BF3, Witcher 2, Metro 2033; not in terms of the console cycle.

Guess what I don't care about BF singleplayer either, but I'm not going to bitch about this trailer. It just caters to the graphics whore in me too much.

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Yawn, wake me up when EA goes out of business.

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@bourbon_warrior: If anything, Respawn's game has the real chance to be a CoD killer, not BF4. But that game is going to be a futuristic space FPS so who knows if fans of the modern military shooter will move on from that subgenre. The Battlefield franchise is so different than CoD, focusing on combined arms and large scale conflicts, rather than twitch based close quarters battles. BF4 will also assuredly be 30 FPS on consoles and that doesn't compare to CoDs 60 FPS smooth gameplay.

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@tmbaker said:

17min gameplay footage for those wanting more:

I'm no Battlefield expert, but that was great. The way things blow up looks real good. I like when games try to go beyond the giant 'orange glow'-type explosions (that don't exist in-practice).

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It looks really nice (though, to Battlefield 3’s credit, I’d be hard-pressed to tell the difference in most cases) but it was dreadfully boring. Same old shooter gameplay. Enemies rush in, you take cover, they take cover, you pop and shoot, they pop and shoot, you flank, insert scripted moment here, rinse and repeat. At least Bad Company was funny.

I’m ready for games to take a step forward by not making you kill 1000 dudes in every campaign.

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The game looks fucking gorgeous and amazing...but then it tries to force a sappy story about a bunch of soldier dudes I really don't give a fuck and then suddenly my "YEAHS!" from seeing shit blow up and a having a million things on screen without a single dropped frame turn into "UGHHHH don't do this dice!"

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Guess I'm done with modern military shooters, because the single player looks depressingly dull to me. Amazed they didn't have Linkin Park playing in the background. DICE could do so many great things with that engine. Guess it's what sells right.

That said, I'll give the multiplayer a chance because it's what I come to Battlefield for.

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They need to stop with the strictly scripted SP, it's pointless. I wouldn't mind a single-player campaign if it weren't so scripted it hardly feels like you're playing a game.

They have an incredible engine, and waste it all by making the primary game mechanic a camera on rails. I don't get it. I know it's HARD to do it the Right way, but this way is pointless.

So much wasted potential.

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@msavo: By "killer", we mean in sales. If something comes out that can compete with CoD wholeheartedly, the better quality games we can have. Competition breeds excellence. CoD has been cheating itself to riches long enough. Now it needs to up its game.

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White Men Yelling At Each Other 4

Literally every video game.

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Still no dinosaurs? Really?

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@tmbaker said:

17min gameplay footage for those wanting more:

Jesus H Christ that's a nice looking game. Still got that Battlefield thing with dynamic building damage where it looks like the walls are made with rocks and wet sand, but I understand that real-time deformation is seriously intense processing work -- and it's not like anyone is doing it better.

But holy shitballs, there are moments in this video that just look like straight up real-life, and that's enough to keep me excited about the future of video games.

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@gs_dan said:

Screw you guys, I'm excited. This looks like the shit.

Thank you ... Yeah, this does look neat.