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Edited by sixpin

NIce trailer. I'm in. I never did get around to playing the first one. Maybe I should before this comes out.

Posted by Jamsque

Metal heavy, soft at the core.

Posted by Venatio

Saw this on Gametrailers awhile ago, so awesome

Posted by Enzeruu

I'm excited.

Posted by Nogert

Good trailer but the Bad Company one trailers were way better.

Edited by PlasmaMachine

I am back in full force behind this game after hearing about how B Company is back and just as awesome from the first one.

Posted by nohthink

Yeah! B Company is back! So damn excited!

Posted by TsuHai

It would be soo awesome if they also have ingame Queens of the Stoneage

Posted by r0k1ll

Hell yeah!

Posted by Foggen
@sixpin: Same here.  I'm faced with the prospect of needing to go back and hit both BFBC and No More Heroes.
Posted by Seppli

Duders - the multiplayer Demo is live on XBL.
Go get 'em boys!

Posted by Rewcastle

Posted by Hannibal

This trailer makes me feel like a millionaire.

Posted by Zatoichi_Sanjuro

10,000 free PC BETA keys @ fileplay.net.
Keep checking back as the site has been hammered offline since 5pmGMT so I'm sure a lot of those keys haven't been scooped up yet. I got mine about an hour ago but the site is still struggling with the demand.

Posted by fwylo

Wow that was a good trailer. When dude jumps out of the helicopter. Damn.

Posted by wrecks

Was just playin the multi demo. yeah, I'm getting it.

Posted by LiquidS

good song, good trailer.
Posted by masterpaperlink

pre ordered

Posted by Hitman101


Posted by mrslippyfist81

Queens of the Stone Age only make this excellent trailer that much better...

Posted by Spiral_Stars

Pretty darn good trailer.

Posted by GeneralTurkle

Must preorder. ASAP!

Posted by HoM3R

From now on I will buy every game that got Queens in the trailer! 
So I just bought this on steam with beta.
The pc community needs some loving after IW broke up with us.

Posted by HatKing

I'm not into military games at all and online multiplayer doesn't interest me at all... yet I totally want to play this.  I enjoyed the first one's campaign and I'm really glad they didn't ignore it here.  I'm excited to see it through.
Posted by scarace360

fucking awesome got me even more pumped. YA!!!!

Posted by Fleafa

Hmmm... how can I put this... 
Ahem. Sorry about that.

Posted by MrKlorox
Posted by TomA

BC rocks!

@Hitman101 said:
" Meh.. "
Your life is meh.
Posted by Sharpshooter

Maybe it was the music or the fact that Bad Company is a really fun game, but the trailer was awsome.
Posted by jakob187

QOTSA WINS!  With that said...this game DEFINITELY seems to be going into the "ridiculous" territory that Modern Warfare 2 had.  The difference is that I love me some Bad Company way more than Modern Warfare. 
Totally psyched for some Bad Company 2!!!

Posted by willylo

Man, I totally forgot this was coming out! There are just WAY too many games coming out right now... sheesh.

Posted by Milkman

Okay, Bad Company 2, you have my attention again.

Posted by diz

French developers? 
How are the surrendering options?

Posted by CptBedlam

Just played the demo  ... great game, appeals to me much more than MW2
Trailer is kickass!

Posted by Hitman101
@ROFLCOPTER: Your fanboy is showing. You should hide it promptly.
Posted by HiroSeven

Wow, the tone story seems way different than it was before, looking forward to this.  
Graphics and gameplay looks better than BC1, which already looked great.

Posted by thedj93

I'm hyped. Are you?

Posted by Belonpopo

This is why Battlefield is better than Call of Duty.

Posted by Svenddv

QOTSA really made this trailer a lot better

Posted by zityz

I loved Battlefield more than CoD, mostly because I can blow shit up and plow a tank through trees. Which never gets old.
Posted by 9mmfistcuffs
@HiroSeven said:

Wow, the tone story seems way different than it was before, looking forward to this.  

yeah, good bye humor, hello Serioz, buziness.  Pity, it was the humor that made the first game so damn good, hate to see it go; kinda makes you wonder why they bothered calling it bad company.
Posted by bybeach

didn`t like the first one, yet i`m interested. Pc this time...

Posted by Gelatinousgelboy

Oh man, I'm happy I watched this again with the sound on. Love Queens of the Stone Age. Never played Bad Company, but this is looking pretty good.

Posted by Asurastrike

It looks like all of the humor from the first game is gone.

Posted by Pathos

Call of Duty has NOTHING on Battlefield! :D

Posted by ProfessorZombie

Yup.. Great trailer, The Queens Of the Stone Age song just sold me!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by simian

Yeah the tone seems more serious but I've got a gut feeling that some of the humor will come through in the situations. At least that's whay I'm banking my pre-order on.

Posted by Capum15


Posted by jonnyboy

Queens Of The Stone Age. Win.

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