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Ehhh... I'm not playing this again since so many people had their passwords stolen.

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How was this not in the game from the start?

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they still keep this going?

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this is still alive?

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"Play 4 Free" is trademarked? Go figure.

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And now they tarnished the great reputation of Wake Island by including it in Heroes.

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@FrankCanada97: Nothing is sacred! 
Wake Island is heading to Battlefield 3 as well. Wake Island should be everywhere. Like 2fort and de_dust2.
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A Battlefield game has Wake Island in it? SHOCKER 

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Oh hey, I worked on this map. Kinda proud to see the trailer on Giant Bomb :)

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Hey EA/DICE, thanks for letting LulzSec grab and publish my BF: Heroes account info from the old beta. I can see how you really needed to keep that lying around unencrypted and all.

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is it wrong that wake island isn't my fav BF 1943 map?  there are never as many snipers for me to hunt as the other 2 maps.  pretty good map for tearing around in the jeeps tho.

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"Cartooniest of wars"
(Not TF2)

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There is really no reason to play this anymore since TF2 is now free.
It was fun for a while until pay to win.

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You guys bashing on dice for passwords... The game is developed by dice and the servers are being hosted by EA.. so lulzfags hacked EA's server and dice gets the shit..

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I forgot about this game again!

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Yuck. I really hate Wake Island. And Strike at Karkand is becoming rather played out as well.

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the leaked passwords were BETA, my friend's name was on there but not mine since i wasnt part of the beta
play 4 free is a trademark since it's an actual brand of games (bfheroes, the other bf, battleforge, lord of ultima, nfs world)

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I didn't even know they were still doing BF Heroes. I thought they had moved on to just doing Battlefield Play4Free.

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"Cartooniest of wars" (Not TF2)  What.
Team Fortress 2 is industrial espionage, not war. Yes, even though one of the classes is called "Soldier".
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@ajamafalous said:
"Cartooniest of wars" (Not TF2) What.
Team Fortress 2 is industrial espionage, not war. Yes, even though one of the classes is called "Soldier".

"America's Number One War-Themed Hat Simulator"

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...That is not a new location.

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But that doesn't look fun :<

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Anyone up for some nostalgia.