Posted by giyanks22

I'm first.....Who gives a shit...the visuals look awesome..The game looks okay though.

Posted by ZeroCast

Apparently, you give a shit giyanks22.

Posted by giyanks22

lol...I was making fun of people who give a shit about being first...
I personally don't give a shit.. lol.

Posted by Media_Master

definitly tired of WW2

Posted by Sweep

that looks like it has potential, i liked the first game but the pace was just far too slow. Being lumped with control over 3 submarines just meant the battle was mostly over by the time you got anywhere. Also, the plane controls are just not good enough - nowhere near on par with Ace Combat 6. I hope this game improves on both these issues because it looks fantastic...

Posted by McQuinn

I love how people walk on the deck all nonchalant like.

Posted by MooseHead

An original idea of a setting is much needed. Developers have to stop using WWII as a setting. Then maybe the game will be more interesting. Screw better looking graphics. Besides, the frame rate in part of that video sucked at some points.

Posted by Lewis

loved the first game, I can see peoples points about the setting, but those big pacific battles i guess lend them self well to this type of game. it'd have been interesting to the do the atlantic, taking out the tirpitz with swordfish,  the german u-boat wolf packs and Britain alone and almost overrun would have a good narrative i think.

Posted by IncredibleBulk92

What's with the pirate ship at 34 seconds in?

Posted by RelentlessKnight

10th? damnit