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That was just the same clip over and over from different angles with different text at 20 second or so intervals.
Terrible ad for a game imo.

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Battlestations Midway was so convoluted and slow, I really hope they can simplify this enough for people to understand/enjoy.

Having said that, scoring a torpedo hit with you submarine was awesome =D
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Hmmm, that's one of the worst trailers I've seen for a long time.  Last Battlestations game was pretty enjoyable though.

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Am i the only one who thinks this is in poor taste. Having japanese planes slam into battleships only to see a unrealistic split down the middle? The enthusiastic Japanese man shouting "BANZAI" at the end of the clip? I have played (and enjoyed) WWII games before but the way this is depicted makes me cry foul. I also believe that if you are going to let the player actually perform a kamikaze attack, you shouldn't let the player jump to another plane right away, or else it loses all meaning.

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not so sure I'm cool with that trailer.

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Not sure about this myself but then again nothing is sacred these days and the limits are pushed more and more as time goes on. That said, anyone else think the graphics look really sub-standard compared to other recent releases?

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Looks terrible and not a fan of bombing innocents

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that looks so boring and awful...

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The plane models are bad. :\

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The first game wasn't very good, did it really sell well enough to warrant a sequel?

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I don't mind them making kamikaze attacks part of the game because they did in fact happen. However, I find it rather distasteful how they basically  tout it as the stand-out feature of the game. Especially, the comic, over-enthusiastic guy at the end screaming "Banzai!".

I don't usually think too many things are "in bad taste," I've played my fair share of war games and GTAs, but the way they hype this as "Look, it's awesome, you can fly planes into ships!" and don't really convey the severity of it is just weird.

It's a weird line to find something "distasteful" in a medium where it's entertainment value comes from killing people in the first place, but there is some sort of line.

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Somehow I find that offensive, to both Americans and Japanese people.

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Hehe!  I get a huge kick out of  all you people that cry foul at a game for being "distasteful".  Ah, the joys of killing hundreds in one afternoon, of driving over pedestrians, of having shoot-outs with cops.  All pretty distasteful if you saw it on the evening news, but standard fare in games - not to mention fun as hell.  If you find it distasteful, don't buy it, don't play it.  But please, don't try to make me feel guilty for buying it and enjoying it.  And definately don't try to prevent its appearance for sale at my local store.

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Although I see people's opinions on how this trailer can be seen as distasteful I simply took it as the developer making it known to players that the realism in Battlestations: Pacific is taken up a notch from Midway.  It always urked me in Midway how crashing your plane into a ship caused no damage.  For me, that hurt the game's realism effect.  I'm happy that they are making it clear they corrected this issue in Pacific.  I'm just treating this game like a game, not a portrayal on the brave men that fought on either side of that war.

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Shitty trailer..

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what was the point of the guy in the bomb at the end?

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What you have to realise - which this trailer totally fails to convey - is that you can control the ships / subs etc. etc.  It's more like an RTS where you can jump into the units, which is why individually they appear so simple and arcadey.

This trailer just comes across as a really bad flight sim.

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I don't understand the why kamikaze attacks are so controversial anyway. At the end of the war, the odds for survival for a Japanese pilot was so low anyway that it didn't make much difference and one fire bomb raid over Tokyo killed about 10000x more people than all the kamikazes.

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Battlestations Midway was great, now that it has even better multiplayer and skirmish battle generator plus other stuff it should be a very good game.
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This trailer is very weird...i'm not sure if i'm cool with flying planes into American warships....and i don't care if it was over 60 years ago. Most peoples grandad's are alive and maybe lived through that. And the argument that you go around killing people in GTA doesn't stand because that's all fiction. This shit actually happened to people, and i know that in the 1940's the idea of someone committing suicide by flying a plane into your ship was uncomprehensible and terrifying. This is bad taste at it's worst.

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What the hell has been going on this month in games, did a bunch of developers get together and try to see who could create the most distasteful thing possible?  First we got them creating Six Weeks In Fallujah, then GameFly posts a story advertising a game where you play as Somali Pirates and destroy NATO ships, then this essentially trivialising thousands of deaths.  I get this stuff happened and I get they have a right to make it, but I don't feel like they are taking it serious, they are catering to the already desensitized youth.  I have no intentions of trying to stop this stuff from getting out, it is there right I support that, but I also support my right to roll my eyes at all the ten year olds on Xbox Live playing games that simulate the deaths of real people.

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It's only a game, abridged account of a battle operation; there is a sizeable market for it as deemed by Eidos. If the trailer was shot from the perspective of the American navy shooting down the suicidal planes, you will have absolutely no problem with it. The implied hypocrisy here is preposterous. Perhaps the trailer was supposed to rile up the target audience enough to vicariously live out stopping the Japs in their tracks, but misfired. If it is any comfort, the Kamikaze was a tactical failure and a lot of UNWILLING volunteers cried themselves to ignoble deaths. Oh and instead of Banzai, it should have been 'Jisatsu!' or something.