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Edited by DFL017

? Didn't know this game existed

Posted by Junkerman


Posted by Commisar123

That actually looks pretty cool, I just hope they will be able to implement it well.

Posted by Djratchet

That looks like a lot of machetes for downtown Chicago.

Posted by StriderJ87

Looks pretty wicked. It could use a little more polish, but I think I'm sold on it anyway.

Posted by ImperiousRix

Looks a bit rough, but a lot of really cool ideas in there. If they're incorporated well in the game, it may just be a sleeper this year.

Posted by Bouke

This looks worse then the game i thought this was going to be...

Posted by BeachThunder

:o That actually seems interesting; nice to see a game that actively discourages you from killing everyone willy-nilly (sort of reminds me of the ammo currency of Metro 2033). Pity though that if this is actually coming to PC then it will be all Ubisofted up =(

Posted by Pezen

I'm curious if you'll actually meet people that doesn't want to kill every stranger they see.

Edited by Sooty

That first person view looks like something from the nineties.

Posted by Suits

Let's hope it won't be another AMY

Posted by Omali

@Sooty: Must not have played any games in the 90's if you think so.

Posted by Philzpilz

I would really quite like this game to be bloody awesome.

Posted by RAStemen

I always mix this up with Naughty Dog's The Last of Us.

Posted by blacklab

Looking better and better.

Posted by Abndak

This would be really interesting if the game itself was a rogue like. In first person, open world and multiple hidden endings.

Posted by Swoxx

I have high hopes for this game. The atmosphere seems so cool.

Edited by Sooty

@Omali said:

@Sooty: Must not have played any games in the 90's if you think so.

Actually I have, older Quake games and Half-Life look less awkward than this. Seeing that much of the forearms makes it look extremely weird. It's not as bad with the bow.

Posted by Xeirus
Posted by Nux

I am alive is starting to look better and better.

Posted by gueeds

'This is Sparta' kick at the 1:01?

Posted by firecracker22

Still can't seem to get a firm release date out of them for this. I'm interested. And considering it'll be a XBL and PSN game, I can see myself dropping $20 for this, and not have to go all in for a $60 retail release.

Edited by bybeach

I'm interested. Has a grounded feel about what the situation is, what you will be doing..the same as everyone else but hopefully better. My only dislike is the dust bit, kind of a monotonous threat while ppl. can vary. And also it may overrestrict by oversimplyfing what the graphics convey of your world. I'm a little hard-nosed about this after climbing to the top of Noah's Ark in Call ofPripyat and viewing the surrounding geography and such during a lightning storm. Took some screenshots of that..almost like a painting.

Posted by Peacemaker

I wonder how it'll be. It doesn't look really terrible. If it ends up being 20 bucks it's got some leeway.

Posted by MonkfishEsq


Yeah, no.

Posted by kennybaese

There are some cool ideas here, for sure. The visuals could use a little polish.

Posted by BenderUnit22

Still looks like Metro 2033 meets Fallout with ugly visuals.

Posted by Humanity

It's like a rollercoaster. First CGI trailers had me interested - the later gameplay footage really brought me down - now this video kinda has me hyped again. Hope it doesn't turn out like Amy - good ideas with horrible execution.

Posted by RagingLion

Huh, so they are keeping some of the aspects from the original design which made it sound interesting. I'm still not really into the aesthetic but I'm listening again now. I don't how well they'll follow through with the implementation of it all.

Posted by max3000

@Sooty: It may look awkward but he is actually holding the gun correctly for a change.

Posted by clank543

How does it go into FPS view and still have the video camera symbols all over the place? That's seriously all I could think of during that entire trailer. It looks sort of budgety, but it could be fun.

Posted by TheInternets

People more than dust are the most dangerous things we will encounter? Um....No

Ubisoft DRM will always be the most dangerous thing to encounter.

Posted by Alphazero
@RAStemen said:

I always mix this up with Naughty Dog's The Last of Us.

Ha! Until I read this I actually thought this was that same game. 
Marketing team, take note.
Posted by Kiri90

Looks cool, wonder how long the game will be. The graphics aren't anything spectacular, but I think that the atmosphere of this game should be pretty awesome.

Posted by Death_Unicorn

Cool ideas! Forgot this game still existed.

Posted by floofmania

the first person view looks weird because it uses a more natural FOV, unlike most games that zoom in close to the weapon so the sights are more visible. the strange part (@ 0:47) is that instead of the gun recoiling, your head does :|

anyway this looks like shit. i remember seeing this in a Game Informer like 4 years ago, and its main selling point was that your only enemy would be the environment. wtf happened?

Posted by Subject2Change

Glad they are still making this, thought it got canned as I havent heard much about it

Posted by roughplague

It's starting to look better, and reading the coverage on GI on their demo experiences, damn it makes me want it.

definite buy, it's 15$ isnt it? either way, I respect a developer for doing this, it's a pretty unproven genre of plain survival, and I hope it's good

Posted by jakob187

I'm still not very interested in this.

Posted by FoolishChaos
Posted by Stimpack

Let's hope the execution is as amazing as the idea.

Posted by Agent47

@Xeirus:Oh nooo they dissed PC gamers now I will certainly not be buying it jajaja.

Posted by Scratch

I like what they are going for, but man does it look fugly.

Posted by Mandaray

Looks good!

Posted by Xeirus

@Agent47 said:

@Xeirus:Oh nooo they dissed PC gamers now I will certainly not be buying it jajaja.

It's not about PC gamers, it's about those PC gamers being potential customer that you just disrespected.

From your reaction I can assume you didn't know there was already a PC version in the works and they cut it off mid development, then when people asked "wtf" this is how they responded.

But hey if you're into being treated like trash then by all means keep being a douche. Me on the other hand, I enjoy when someone values my money enough to have an adult response from someone looking to buy a product.

I'm sure you knew all of this already though...

Posted by Zatoichi_Sanjuro

Yep, looks like Metro 2033. 
Written by someone who watches too much Burn Notice.
Some Egyptians believe.

Posted by AnxiousTube

I think that the visuals of this game are more artistic than just sheer amazing looking. The developers are trying to set a mood rather than blow your mind with how good their game looks. I think they are accomplishing that, it looks like a shitty world to live in.

Posted by Renegade_Pixels

This looks really intriguing. I reaaaally hope they pull this off well.

Posted by Tennmuerti

Ok now I'm interested.

Posted by IshimuraD

It seems so interesting and the visual style they are going for seems great, but it just seems so ugly. Not in a good way. Just ugly.

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