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Oh man, did we just fall through the tv?!

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i ate the comments, post again I like the taste

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the comments got corrupted like episode 50 did =X

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Wow, I came from the future to be one of the first ones who comment here :O

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Whoaaaaaaaa.... only 5 comments on this?

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@isnipeyoudie: They're all over here.
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The sound is still broken on this for me. Gaaahhhh! I want to hear them yell "EPISODE FiFTAY" again. I NEED it.

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The comments rolled back to zero. They must be recovered to preserve the history of this day in GB History.

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My fellow GiantBombers,
The comments, they are lost. Scattered to the four winds. But fret not - where they once stood we will erect comments better, bigger, grander than our ancestors could have possibly imagined!  My friends, comment your hearts out. Comment...

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i just really really wanna know what kind of hardware and software they're using cuz i really want to do what these guys are doing. i don't like direct capture video and then recorded commentary later. i'm trying to figure out how i can do that.

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Where are the 500+ comments??!?

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This brings back memories.

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Man, their office is cramped! What I would give to work for those guys!

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maaan I remember being a zombie after watching this I.... just couldn't believe it could end like that. 

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Man the comments went the way of the episode. Christ.... Episode 50 was awesome but cursed.

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Jeff was surprisingly accurate with his "About a third of the way through" guess!

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Fucking love Ryan.

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Anyone else think Drew looks kinda like Chris Jericho?

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Cool behind the scenes... I guess ;)

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Why is it so empty in here? Anyway, it's stuff like this that makes me realize how much I love Giant Bomb.

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Oh wow, this takes me back. I can't believe it's been over a year since the P4 endurance run ended.

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A rap, a rap, a rippy rap rap.

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Jeff's third-of-the-way-through guess was pretty much right.

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still waiting on the Gears of War endurance run

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What the hell happened to the comments!?

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I wish they had done more of these episodes. At least one for the last episode.

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awesome to see behind the scenes.

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NOOOOOOO the illusion is ruined

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31 comments?... that's it?

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Wait why does this video only have 32 comments?! I WILL DO MY PART.

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And me too!

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GOLD! I love that part

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I actually thought they lost their saved files from what I heard after they finished the entire endurance run.

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I can only imagine how hurt these guys were when they thought they lost the data :(

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"We play persona every day" - Vinny

You sir are a liar and a charlatan. You can tell that they just recorded most of episodes (definitely the ones that were 10 mins long), in one long sitting and then broke that footage up into several videos rather than playing the game little by little every day. You can even tell when they "load" and are standing in the exact same position, facing the exact same direction as at the end of the last episode. Or my favourite is when they just straight up forget that they are splitting the videos up and get confused what happened on what "day" or when they have to refer to future events and be real ambiguous. I understand why they would do it, but why all the secrecy?

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I think someone here has taken this ER a little too.... personally? Anyway, this is some great footage guys. Wish I had been around when this stuff was being made.

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I will never forget the actual drama surrounding episode 50 in the community when this was all happening. Crazy times that helped cement my love of Giant Bomb <3

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Angry biker is angry.

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why am i here again

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Back when Vinny had hair!

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Holy shit, Drew looks like a 15 year old!

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Anyone know what the deal is with the sound? Tried to watch through the site and the video buddy but it hisses like crazy and I cant hear the speech at all. :(