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Posted by falidorn

yes. forza 4!

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Posted by fattonyxxl

It's time like this when I wonder what situation requires you to be in a cradle high up taking pictures...

Posted by UlquioKani

I don't think i need a back story for why a fake track exists.

Posted by Sneakybadger

Whenever I hear someone say "epic" I cringe slightly dunno why.

Forza 4 would interest me if it worked with my g25, alas it does not.

Posted by Juicebox

Forza 3 got me into racing simulators type games... but i only play forza lol

Posted by DrJota

Fake tracks?Are we gonna see the Kessel Run?

Posted by Sil3n7

Totally been to these alps and took that train.

Posted by cikame

Contender for best looking video game race track?

Posted by Monk

Every track having a silly background story would be great. Need more of this in racing games.

Posted by danjbailey

Holy crap the Alps are freaking beautiful.

Posted by Doonee63

those are some pretty mountains.

Posted by FritzDude

Brian Ekberg?!

Posted by Siphillis

Glad to see Brian Eckberg managed to drift out of the blackhole known as GameSpot.

Posted by Vinny_Says

It's about time they put backstory in racing games.

Posted by Scodiac

F'ing awesome! I want to race on that track so badly. 

Posted by Scodiac
@UlquioKani: You probably won't ever see that story in the game it's just something they use as a reference to make the environment believable. 
Posted by Soap

Take my money Mr Ekberg.

Posted by jay35

Just imagine how good it would look if they weren't bound by the computational limitations of the XBox 360.

Posted by Jeffk38uk
@jay35: Is that a subtle way of saying it should be on a certain competitor, or on a PC?
Posted by Seppli

Switzerland - yay! Should saddle my bike and drive up in them hills one of these days.

Posted by WeskerResi001

That track looks amazing, looking forward to Forza 4!

Posted by wickedsc3

Collectors Edition already pre-ordered. Looks awesome!

Posted by a5ehren

Wish they had gameplay footage instead of photo/replay mode bullshots.  Still looks super sexy, though.

Posted by DiGiTaL_SiN


Posted by Zabant

It it pretty much accepted Forza is better than GT now?

Posted by forkboy
@Zabant: I'd hope so.
Posted by PJ

Mechberg!!! Awesome. Dudes got a dreamjob. What I wouldn't give to be in hes shoes.

Posted by MagikGimp

Oh hello Brian Ekberg, good to see you again mate.

Posted by pickassoreborn

Looks amazing! Also, anyone seen this Autovista footage? The detail in the car models is pretty darn impressive.

Posted by Devildoll

interesting stuff.

but , is it just me , or is the framerate on this video way too low?

Posted by Jerome85

laser scanned tracks/cars >>>

Posted by Kartana

Looks fantastic!

Posted by TwoOneFive

I forgot he was working with this nowadays it caught me by surprise at first!

Posted by EXCellR8

I <3 Forza
...and that's coming from a diehard GT fan

Posted by StarErik

Brian Ekberg! <3

Posted by ICF_19XX


Posted by temmink

I don't understand how the Forza 4 logo is for 4? Its pretty clearly an F then 3 bars... isn't that the same as Forza 3?

Posted by jorbear

Brian Eckberg REPRESENT.

Posted by Zacagawea

Can't fucking wait for this game

Posted by selbie

Brian Eckberg sans epic beard is a strange thing to behold. His jawline is too manly to exist unbearded.

Also, cool game bro.

Posted by BlatantNinja23

am i the only confused why they are reusing the forza 3 logo?

Posted by RedRocketWestie

@BlatantNinja23: Maybe they liked it so much, they're trying to transition it into a general brand logo for the Forza series?

I like the idea of fake tracks. It's not like they're getting rid of real tracks; they've just run out of interesting real tracks to copy. I say let them be creative.

Posted by DrStrangepork

I more of an arcade racing fan but this game has me intrigued. Oh yeah, the Swiss Alps are beautiful.

Posted by WinterSnowblind

@Zabant said:

It it pretty much accepted Forza is better than GT now?

GT5 still had it's strong points.. The variation in events was nice? It's just a shame none of them were done particularly well, it was a very stitched together game and I think all but the most hardcore Playstation fanboys have accepted that Forza is the better series.

Posted by Tondo

awesome video. Always loved the Forza series and this one seems like another big leap in the overall quality. Autovista with Clarksons commentary looks to be great addition for the car nuts ! Hope there is a few more tracks in this one tough... The relative lack of track variety has always been the worst part IMO.

Posted by blacklab

I'll bet the community manager added value on that trip.

Posted by UnsolvedParadox

Looks spectacular, can't wait to pick it up!

Posted by Grilledcheez

What can I say? Turn 10 is the best!

Posted by mrcraggle

While it graphically looks fantastic, I wonder how it'll hold up against GT5? There were parts of GT5 that looks down right realistic and I hope F4 has a deep photography aspect to it which is what I liked most about GT5 but I like playing Forza more.

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