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EDIT: WOOOH! Finally!

Posted by HBK619

This does keep looking better and better. The AI interactions and animations are fantastic.
Have to wonder how the mission/quest structure is going to turn out though.

Posted by Agent47

Yahtzee would be happy if he saw this.

Posted by Aetheldod

Well at least it seems that the weapon's sounds have the "ooommmp" factor .... I still cringe at the wimpy sounds of Doom 3/ Quake 4 weapons

Posted by Terjay

Crossbows are so freaking new and groundbreaking weapons...

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"We are id, and we shoot shit"

Posted by Mikemcn

Its a shooter duder!

Posted by theberserker

already paid for

Posted by notha

as far as gameplay goes i'm not seeing anything terribly appealing. though the visuals and the world seem interesting enough to check it out

Posted by aceofspudz

id, I'm ready to love again.

Posted by BeachThunder

I'm really liking some of the colour schemes they're using =D

Posted by csl316

Problem with explaining gunplay is the fact that until you play it, you don't know how good it feels. And a shooter that feels good is just a rare, sublime experience.

Being id, I got faith.

Posted by ReefTrigger

anyone else think those red armored guys looked exactly like the crimson lance from borderlands?

Posted by JetLife

is it just me or does it seem like id took borderlands & ramped it up times 10x

Posted by onarum

Yep, it's borderlands with actually good graphics and what appears to be a slightly better enemy AI.

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i dont understand why they shot this interview series at 15 fps .

makes no sense at all! , great stuff regardless.

btw , hallick , like that dude in the beginning of the videos is calling himself .

it means pimp in swedish.

Posted by JetLife
@onarum: i just recently bought borderlands & love it for everything that it is. mindless fun with enough rpg guidelines 2 keep you interested in pushing on.
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Complete Borderlands ripoff

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@Niccoles:   Another Borderlands comment...really?

Both the engine and game were in development from 04/05 with the Id Tech engine shown displaying footage of what looks like Rage back in 07. They may be similar but they were both built independently and simultaneously, with Rage only requiring a longer development time due to the new engine. If Rage had used a pre-built engine like Borderlands did with Unreal 3 I'm confident it would have come out around the time of Borderlands, if not earlier. Then all these hugely ignorant comments would be falling at Gearbox's feet instead. Not that they would care as they, along with Id know that the games exist  completely separate lives.
Posted by umdesch4

A remote controlled car with a bomb attached? No way, really??!! LOL!

(I kid, I kid...I'm actually really stoked about this game)

Posted by deltaalphabravo

id would've got money sooner if they had made Doom4 instead.

Posted by CosmicQueso

I love Gearbox... but Gearbox ain't id. And this game isn't Borderlands. Is Red Dead just a ripoff of Call of Juarez or Gun?

Borderlands is a great game for what it is, but this is id.

Kids these days.

Posted by CosmicQueso

@Niccoles said:

Complete Borderlands ripoff... but not as good (no random guns)

This is the dumbest thing I've ever read on GB.

Posted by Floppypants

This is the first video for Rage that has gotten me interested in playing it. I hope the engineering toys aren't too limited.

Posted by Dallas_Raines

@onarum: Graphics definitely don't look that great. Most of those textures were pretty shitty. I'll also take cartoony cell shading over the mega generic look of Rage any day of the week.

Posted by Tarsier

they say they want to give ppl as many options as possible but if you can really just run and gun through the whole game who is gonna want to fiddle fuck around with gadgets and stuff when theres no real reason to do so?

Posted by IkariNoTekken
- an item of equipment or a feature that may be chosen as an addition to or replacement for standard equipment and features. 
To answer your question, anyone who really enjoys the game will try out the "gadgets and stuff". Even if you play around with the weapons and equipment and find a few specific load outs that you like your still going to experiment with new things when you find them, surely? That is what I always do, and anyone who doesn't is missing out on a whole lot. 
Posted by loopy_101

Borderlands rip-off? Ha. I sincerly hope RAGE never befalls the same fate as that over-rated, over-hyped RPG/Shooter hybrid. If Gearbox is good at anything, it is shouting absolute bullshit about the games their developing: it happened with Brothers in Arms, it happened with Duke Nukem Forever and it most certainly happened with Borderlands.
Considering Id's contribution to the gaming industry, including a whole library of AAA releases, I think by default ANYTHING they make will be worth looking deeper into than face-value.

Posted by Niccoles
@IkariNoTekken: Good point
Posted by DEMONOLOGY_24

when are they going to talk about multiplayer ? 
i'm only asking because this is the one thing they haven't talked about and as much as I like a good singleplayer co-op would be amazing
Posted by Tarsier
@IkariNoTekken: this was one of the main problems of bioshock. you have tons of 'options' but people only ever used the shock and wrench because it worked just as well.
if people can play through the entire game of rage by just running and gunning without good reason to do otherwise theyre going to do it . 
Posted by drumpsycho89

man this looks pretty fuking sick!!

Posted by onarum
@Lord_Yeti said:

@onarum: Graphics definitely don't look that great. Most of those textures were pretty shitty. I'll also take cartoony cell shading over the mega generic look of Rage any day of the week.

I'm not dissing borderlands, I played the hell out of it and really liked it, I'm just saying that that's pretty much what Rage seems to be, borderlands with better gfx, which of course is not a bad thing at all.
Posted by sleepykyle

Doesn't that music sound a bit like the theme in Firefly??  idk just got that vibe while i was watching this

Posted by IkariNoTekken
@Tarsier: Well, as I said in my comment I (emphasis on I) like to experiment and people who don't can miss out on what a game really has to offer.  
Just because people like yourself and GB's own Jeff Gerstmann played the entire game of Bioshock using the 'shock and wretch' technique which I will admit was hugely effective doesn't mean that everyone has to. Personally I spent the entirety of the game playing around with every weapon and plasmid. I discovered that setting traps was not only pretty damn effective but also looked great when you pulled it off, you also had bees that came out of your hand...do I need to say more? 
What I trying to say it that not everyone plays the same and that having options is fun, even if some people ignore them. As I posted previously the definition of option is choice - ' an item of equipment or a feature that may be chosen'. Whether you choose it or not is up to you.  
Another thing to take into account is that if Id released Rage with only one way to play and you didn't like that one way to play, you wouldn't suffer through it you just stop playing right? If they offer multiple ways to play, you try something different and hope to find something you do like. 
Posted by Tarsier
@IkariNoTekken: all that aside, its bad game design. 
ken levine learned from his mistakes with bioshock 1 and he has even said in interviews that he is putting effort into making all the 'options' useful so that people will feel like they need to use them rather than using the most effective one.
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Can't wait!

@Devildoll said:

i dont understand why they shot this interview series at 15 fps .

makes no sense at all! , great stuff regardless.

Streaming web videos won't play at 60fps

Posted by roughneck117

Im getting a certain Borderlands vibe from the game. Dunno if thats a good thing or a bad thing. Time will tell I guess.

Posted by ApocalypseLater

Every time I hear that guitar in these trailers, I have a strong urge to pop in my Firefly DVDs.

Edited by IkariNoTekken
Honestly I don't find options to be bad game design. If I play a game and come across a particular feature that I dislike but am forced to repeatedly use it then I'm not going to enjoy it that much. For example; having to fight an enemy type that can only be killed in specific way, a way that just happens to be either difficult or just plain tedious.

Here are the very last words of the video - "we really give the players the opportunity to engage the enemy AI in a way that's best for them, and we feel that that adds a lot of life and re playability to the game."
Whether you as a game player like that or not, Id has a reason behind their decision to include options that are not necessarily needed throughout the game. I as a player who likes to experiment and replay games differently appreciate their decision.
Posted by IkariNoTekken
@Tarsier: Another thing. I am a fan of Ken Levine and his work but if he is actually talking in interviews and referring to in-game options as something that the player will need throughout the game then there not 'options'. 
Posted by Daftasabat

I get to pick and choose what i want...oh man, that is next gen stuff right there. They nicked Batmans Batarang, bonus!

Posted by Redbullet685

Looks really good. Looking forward to this.

Posted by Xpgamer7

I love that western sound at the end of each trailer.

Posted by wrecks

Looks great! Gimmie!

Posted by Robopengy

Yo that dude looks like Peter Stormare

Posted by EmuLeader

I realize they were in dev at about the same time, but i really wish they would get different intro/outro music. it sounds too much like borderlands. This is something that they can change to at least try to shrug off that feeling i get from the setting. make it sound like something brand new

Posted by RandomInternetUser

I want this game so hard.

Posted by afrofools

@ReefTrigger: They started work on this game before the Borderlands game, but yeah, you're right as a lot of creative inspiration has come from Borderlands, Fallout 3, and even Bioshock. If they hadn't taken their time making a quality game we would not really notice the similarities because we wouldn't already be associating them with other games. There are plenty of new ideas here though. All these post-apocalyptic games take cues from Mad Max.

Posted by Subjugation

Man, I feel bad for these guys. Coming out in the wake of Borderlands will cause so many people, myself included, to get a heavy Borderlands vibe. The music, the art and environments, even the vehicles feel very familiar. I'm not saying that the game can't be good because of this, merely that it won't have that fresh feel that they likely thought they would be bringing to the market when the game was still in its infancy.

That reminds me, where is my Borderlands 2?

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