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please be good...pretty please?

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Audio is messed up.  Nevermind it was my computer.

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Looks good. Now how does it play?

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That looks, rather interesting and fresh.

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I say the same thing. PLEASE be good. It looks really promising... 
I really like the Melbourne House version from 2004. They got the most parts right. It's not impossible to do Transformers justice and this looks quite good.
How long has the game been in development? Cause that can be crucial.

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When is this coming out?

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 lowered expectations...


This game just might do for Transformers what Arkham Asylum did for Batman. (let's hope so)

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Hmm, this does look pretty cool. I've never played any previous Transformers games but I heard they were pretty bad.

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"This game just might do for Transformers what Arkham Asylum did for Batman. (let's hope so) "

Here's hoping.

So much of Arkham Asylum's appeal to me was the writing and the integration of the story.  Neither Batman nor Transformers are great pieces of literature, but they can be very entertaining when properly written.  Having an engaging narrative is crucial to my enjoyment of games.
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Wow....that's totally against the canon. The robots actually fucking hit something (seriously, 10,000 years of fighting and they couldn't hit shit in the cartoon)

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" This game just might do for Transformers what Arkham Asylum did for Batman. (let's hope so) "
I seriously doubt that.
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@Milkman: Seriously? how would you know? have you played the Game?
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@EOT: They hit each other a lot, but it rarely did anything besides knock somebody down.  That's why it was so incongruous when Megatron and Starscream attacked the shuttle and gunned down a bunch of named characters one after the other.
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I don't Hasbro cares how you design the Transformers as long as they get there cut of the money.

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Awesome! I can't wa-

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"Hasbro stamp"? They approved the script for the movie sequel so that doesn't mean shit.

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I like the passion present in everyone involved in the creation of this game. They really seem to want to do this right, and the brief snippets of gameplay footage did look like fun times.
And then I heard the lead artist namedrop Blade Runner so I'm basically sold on this game now.
 @Meatsim said:

" I don't Hasbro cares how you design the Transformers as long as they get there cut of the money. "

  You'd be surprised! Hasbro has turned people down before for wanting to do Transformers stuff that they did not feel was appropriate, either design-wise or story-wise or whatever.
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The thing I trust least about this game is the third person perspective.  Every time I watch footage it looks to me like it'd be a really loose-controlling shooter, where TPSes always require some way to help you aim better, i.e. bullet time in Max Payne or cover in Gears.

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Okay, this is the first Transformers video game that ever appealed to me by this kind of anticipation alone. This is a pre-order must see for myself if this studio delivered what was their concept of what a G1 Transformers storytelling. This looks much better than the crap Micheal Bay had made and more epic as in scale. I hope they have enough time to make this a quality labor of love.

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From what I've seen theres nice fluid transforming, and that's something I'm stoked to try out. Being able to kind of slide out of vehicle form into normal form, fire off a few shots, and slide back into vehicle looks so fun.
Big bosses, legit sounding devs, average looking graphics. An alright game from the looks of it, can't wait to rent.

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Is it just me or did they just go down a checklist of what to namedrop while talking about their "scifi" video game.

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this game has be good plz plz plz plz   
i think all the master of game making should help this guys to make this game no lest than perfect and they should have all blizzard's money to do it
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Hope it'l be like  Batman Arkham Asylum if you know what i mean.

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Looking the goods...also loved DARK WATCH

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I'm already pretty convinced this will be the 'Arkham Asylum' of Transformers. Serious tone, mature themes, decent story, nods to previous iterations of the property, solid looking gameplay, nice visuals.   Its all there, they just have to polish it long enough for it to be truly awesome.
I almost want them to delay it, like AA was more than once :p

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 "hey this isn't a shitty movie tie in game" would have been fine. Hey they mentioned call of duty, this game MUST be good!

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@EOT: Until the movie where suddenly every shot hit and hit hard.
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Dark Adult Style = CoD?     Does not compute
The only thing that this game seems to take from Michael Bay is; OK ripping robots in half is awesome!
Which is a good thing.

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transformers are boring

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Actually really looking forward to this. 
I appreciate the people working on it actually have a love for the fiction.

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I plead to god that this will be good