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I want this game

Posted by Rowr

That sense of scale is awesome.

Posted by Reisz

I'm spellbound by how fresh this looks.

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Ooh that music at the end. Very 80's horror.

Posted by Do_The_Manta_Ray

Developed by Capy? Sold.

Music by Jim Guthrie? Double-sold.

Fucking look at this game! Sold, sold, sold.

I've always thought Capy's games were hauntingly beautiful, and that's despite most of them being made for mobile platforms or done in a simple, pixelated artstyle. Can't express just how psyched I am to see them release a game built for high-end platforms.

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Below me

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That... is a huge boss!! I think.

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Man, this game looks amazing.

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That's a really cool art style. I don't know if I'm looking forward to playing a hack and slash game from that far away though. Hopefully you can move around a little faster than that?

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Looks incredible as always. Really cannot wait for this game.

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Looks really good. It's beautiful and the music is just great.

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I frequently find myself forgetting about this game, and every time I see a trailer I get mad at myself for doing so. This game looks and sounds fantastic. I get a kind of Zelda 1 vibe from it and I'm SOOOOO ok with that.

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@rowr said:

That sense of scale is awesome.

Agreed. At first I was thinking about how it may make it difficult to tell what the hell you're doing, but it's a fresh perspective for sure.

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It seems like controlling a character the size of an ant might make combat a hassle.

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cant wait...

Posted by Jack_Lafayette

Aw, snap, more Jim Guthrie bangers!

Posted by ossuary

Basically, I don't even care what the game is about or how it plays. It's Capy, it's gorgeous, I'm buying it. :)

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Lookin' good, yo.