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Been waiting for this. Go Buttbarn!

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Oh, farmville shenanigans..

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Awesome stuff!

Posted by Winsord

Time to release the social madness. Social elements will make this a lot different.

Posted by Scrumdidlyumptious

Hell yes! I stayed up until 2AM for this

Posted by scarace360

They call me joe brown the farmer!

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Butt Barn's going overseas. Excellent.  
Also, British music is far less grating that regular Farmville theme. 

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Sweet. For some reason I've been looking forward to this next installment

Posted by Taefarinas

Kessler's hilarious! I thought I would hate this feature but now I really look forward to it.

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Best feature on the site is back in action!

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Go Kessler!

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Team Lemon!

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Yes, yes you are.

Posted by deskp

i think the investors should demand some more style from the farms, this potatoe/cotton grinding isnt super interesting, also these videos could be longer

Posted by WulfBane

Oh god. The additions to the preview image are really adding up. I'm not sure how much more they can add before they've added everything to them.

Posted by NekuCTR

Kessler so has this. He's much better at exploring the interface. First the Insta-grow now the friend stuff.

Posted by Ronald

Going dairy would take way too long, but the farms look much better that way.

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@Mr_Skeleton: That is fantastic.

Also, Go Kessler!

Posted by MemphisSlim

LOL at how even Internet Steve embraces the "God damn it, Kessler" hazing.

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@Mr_Skeleton: Those posters rule.

Also, I have been looking forward to this! Go Buttbarn!

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Hot damn indeed, Ryan.

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GO Team Klesser

Posted by bybeach

Wut is eddie doing to those chickens? why do ppl. want to 'firtilize' your animals? What are the mechanics?

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Clearly all the time I've spent fertilizing steve's farm has paid off. Go team bombbombramen!

Posted by mutha3

The buttbarn is ploughing the hell out of bomb bomb ramen.

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What are the names for these accounts? MIght want to reactivate my facebook so I can get in on this hot farmville action. As in click a thing to help Kessler.

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This shit just got crazy.

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Steve get a tractor 

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Brown Rectangle: The Game.

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I'm so happy that this is up. What the hell is wrong with me?

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Yay, I can see my profile on Kessler's friend list on the bottom!  Happy Day!

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Oh god, my eyes. The Butt Barn looks like it's in 3d or something.

Posted by Rapid

Steve is getting inside info from GB members haha

Posted by Legend

The only reason I'm watching this is to see Kessler lose.. He murdered my family. D:

Posted by Crushed

I'm not sure how Steve and Ryan did that whole segment without mentioning the RED BIPLANE OUTTA NOWHERE sitting on the farm.

Posted by ItBeStefYo

kessler is using well over 1 hour of his time!

Posted by claudius

Guys my picture is displayed throughout all of Kessler's update in the "Give your friends free shit" icon on the left-hand side! I'm internet famous now!

Posted by Sogeman

Kessler should really trap his farmer now. Wasn't necessary before but now it is. Also do those questionaires.

Posted by Klei

So instead of reviewing The Witcher 2, which you guys haven't checked in 3 months, you guys play farmville? 
Posted by lordbazuco

@Mr_Skeleton: awesome posters dude

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the farms are looking crazy now

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Overalls lol

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@Mr_Skeleton said:
This is amazing.
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@Klei said:
So instead of reviewing The Witcher 2, which you guys haven't checked in 3 months, you guys play farmville?  Great.
Who wants a crappy review that tells you what you already know? Witcher 2 is a good game. I'd rather watch this.
Posted by Scrumdidlyumptious

So many cows!

Posted by White

Kessler is CRUSHING the opposition. Sorry Steve.