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Posted by agc8602

More Farmville shenanigans, yay

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I juuust wanna farm

Edit: this series just got a ton better.

Posted by Mijati

Love this series

Posted by Karlif

That John Deere hat.. Amazing

Posted by Jazzycola

Is this a documentary on Chinese Gold Farming in World of Warcraft? Oh its the other kind of farming that is a waste of money and time.

Posted by TheAdmin

What ARE the winning conditions? Coins? Farm Cash?

Posted by Oscar__Explosion

OH shit Lemon with the dirty tactics! I love it.

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You know, Fear Gauntlet should probably be here. Also Farming. 
Drew always looking like a badass and helping fuck up Kesslers shit. 
Also looks like hat stuck and Kessler is out 100k?

Posted by Atilac

Ryan has a fiduciary responsibility to maintain.

Posted by XcL

Sabotage , oh snap !!

Posted by golguin

Did he really fuck up his farm?

Posted by Droop

Drew is king!

Posted by WilyBoy

I never expected Steve would have to sink to underhanded sabotagery to win this competition.

Posted by Troncek

Listen all yo it's a sabotage!

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@Winsord said:


I'll be the judge of that!!!

Yes it was sneaky.

Posted by Grimmy616

This is amazing.

Posted by Atilac

Fuck lemon, sabotage is a bitch move.

Posted by mracoon

This just got serious. Bravo Steve, you better hope Kessler doesn't watch this video.

Posted by HubrisRanger

Man Lemon. I was rooting for you and everything.

But that shit's fucked up.

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Kessler's gonna shiv Steve up during the next Fear Gauntlet...

Posted by CharlesAlanRatliff

Glad I supported Bodega's Butt Barn from the beginning and not a GODDAMN CHEATER.

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Hah, that was awesome! "and now i have a hat for some reason"  lol

Posted by Turambar

Will is a willful conspirator.

Posted by GunsAreDrawn

Notice Kessler's cash went from 143k to 44k and he had a hat on near the end.

Posted by wafflez

Steve had a powerplay move and took it. Can't hate for that. $$$

Posted by ryanwho

Finally some drahmuh.

Posted by wwfundertaker

Could not stop laughing.

Posted by Make_Me_Mad

Lemon, you monster!  I'm extremely disappointed in you.

Posted by LiQuid3600

Legerdemain, mother effers!

Posted by Fruitcocoa

Hahaha, so good! Go Steve!

Posted by Animasta

steve I love you so much

Posted by PhatSeeJay

This sabotage drama is amazing. Great stuff.

Posted by jorojoserojas

Steve! Have you no honor?!

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Laughed through out the entire sabotage part. Awesome stuff.

Posted by Oginam

Leaving your farm unattended is a bad move. Crows, Insects, and Lemons will get all up in that shit.

Posted by kerse

That was fucking amazing.

Posted by deskp

HAHAHA this is gold, now lets hope for steves sake he does not keep hes account open when ehs away from hes computer

Posted by Cyrisaurus

Wow, Lemon better get DQ'd. Or a raise.

Posted by RabidBadger

Lemon's winks at the end totally sold me on his dirty tactics.

Posted by BrianP

I'm a farmer, and that looks fucked up

Posted by Brendan

That Ponycorn Adventure girl was totally right about those lemons.

Posted by QKT

butt barn will still win. 
and i was the neighbour in the vid :D

Posted by StingX2

Steves a coward

Posted by MEATBALL

What an episode!

Posted by Dethfish

Something must of stuck because Kessler lost about 100k randomly near the end.

Posted by ryanwho

You can't break a rule that was never established. Just because you guys are used to losing "with honor" doesn't mean other people should settle on that.

Posted by Turambar

Kessler, just wait for Lemon to be on his farm, bribe the rest of the office staff to kidnap him and lock him in the bathroom, and get some revenge.  Ben can probably do it single handedly.

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Posted by TwoLines

That was genious. Real time griefing.