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too bad the demo doesnt even give you half the guns they just showed. ah well, im buying the real version anyhoo

Posted by Tordah

Wow, looks chaotic.

Posted by Microshock

I was sold on this as soon as Battlefield  went on the box. DICE is a master of their craft and i will continue to love them dearly. 
I am getting it on PS3 and not the PC this time simply because my vid card seems to be overheating a lot.

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@sho76und3wd said:

" I can't wait to get this.  I played it a couple days ago and the MP blew me away.  It was so much more fun than the camp/cheese-fest that is MW2. "

My thoughts exactly
Posted by KinjiroSSD

If only people actually knew how to fly helicopters like in the video. Whenever I board one, we end up on our side 10 seconds later.

Posted by TomA

I went out and bought the first game in preperation for the second. This game is awesome! Way better than Modern Warfare 

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I've been playing the PC beta non-stop since completing Mass Effect 2. I haven't gotten tired of playing the same map over and over again and that bodes well for me getting good use out of the full copy.

Posted by Joeybagad0nutz

This game is Utter choas. And in the good way. Just walking a few steps and the place is falling apart with gun shots over the place and missiles/grenades blowing up. IT'S PURE AWESOME!!!
Posted by EvolutionX0

Nice shot on the helicopter! lol

Posted by MaddProdigy

I was all over bad company for weeks and weeks, multiplayer is at least up there with halo 3 and cod 4, better than in a lot of aspects. I got this pre ordered, can't wait

Posted by MaddProdigy
@Sin4profit:  Props on gettin two sweet ass games haha
Posted by ThePantheon
@ApocalypseLater: ditto to that brother.
Posted by hamlaser

i got half a boner when i heard the minigun on that blackhawk

Posted by zanoob

Just pre ordered it.. I'll be honest it was watchin this vid right here that finally sold me 110%
Posted by BD_Mr_Bubbles
@TUI_till_i_die said:
" @CookieMonster said:
" do your multiplayer stats on the demo transfer over to the real game?  "
Been asking myself the same thing. "

I highly doubt it
Posted by y3kbug
@FireBurger:  The engy has the weakest weapons to start. When he gets the ak47-su, trust me, he becomes MUCH better.
Posted by shuref00t

I've been having a lot of fun with the demo on the 360. 
It'll be a day one purchase for sure, but I'm still torn between getting it on the 360 or PC.

Posted by myghart

This seems to be effin' awesome.

Posted by Phantom_Crash

I wish the demo had the standard Capture control points game type instead of Destroy the objective.

Posted by S0ndor

Ah awesome, those weapons look much better than the stuff I'm using in the PC Beta right now.

Posted by lamegame621

Can't wait for this to unlock on Steam

Posted by wackojackman

que mass bitching at MW2...

Posted by Nasar7

I played the PS3 demo nonstop when it came out but stopped bc I don't wanna get sick of that map. 
Never got MW2, so sold for this.

Posted by MrCynical
@Phantom_Crash said:
" I wish the demo had the standard Capture control points game type instead of Destroy the objective. "
This is really the cause of the sniper-heavy teams some have complained about: when there's a completely linear map with a ten yard wide stretch of land all attackers have to pass through, it's only natural that there will be a lot of snipers. When we get proper game modes the full game will be excellent.
Posted by Media_Master

I love explosions!!!