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Posted by Pazy

That was amazing! Though I am a massive Star Trek fan.

Posted by Cretaceous_Bob

Rubber Lizard is the name of my glam metal band.

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Fun fact: William Shatner is 82

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that makes me smile too much

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The ad looks great, the game looks awful.

Posted by ross2075

@cathryn said:

The ad looks great, the game looks awful.


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I'd watch a weekly show with Shatner and the Lizard.

Posted by jaks

Shatner cracks me up now that he's aware he's Shatner.

Posted by Nezza
Posted by Yummylee
@ross2075 said:

@cathryn said:

The ad looks great, the game looks awful.


Yeeeeaaaah. This would have been a much better advert if it just stuck to the Shatner stuff.

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They should have just done a FMV game with Shatner.

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the game looks like it could be good. I mean, the story will most likely be great, but im not so sure about all that gameplay

Posted by Hunter5024

I just Shat myself.

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As much as I am disappointed at how Star Trek is now an alternate timeline, I'm looking forward to the game, even though I'm sure it will receive much hate.

Posted by crimsonlordofwar

@cathryn said:

The ad looks great, the game looks awful.

Yep, which means that ad was successful lol

Posted by Abendlaender

Star Trek - The Video Game is such a generic title, come up with something that doesn't sound like crap

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Shatner will never not be fantastic.

Posted by 2kings

God, Shatner is amazing. So old but still has a grasp on what is happening. Boy I LOVE Star Trek. New timeline included. Kirk Captain is best Captain.

Posted by Snotty

That advert made my day

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Posted by Hector

Great TV spot for a horrible game.

Posted by Veektarius

That game has really come a long way since the original trailer. Originally it looked like a game that'd have good graphics and better-than-average-for-a-licensed-game gameplay. Now it looks like they're trying to hide the gameplay behind Shatner's girth.

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I will be amazed if that game doesn't turn out to be hot shit.

Posted by TheEvilCory

@abendlaender: Yeah, It's not great, but I don't think "Star Trek: Generic Subtitle" would be any better.

Posted by wrecks
Posted by Silver-Streak

@development: He's aged better than Nimoy, but I think he's probably had work done.

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I'm a bit concerned about how the game looks. That in-game footage looked baaaad. Like, launch title bad.

Posted by Choo_Parr

"Now your over acting." This clip is hilarious.

Posted by RE_Player1

Yup I'll echo what everyone has already said, great ad but the game looks mediocre.

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Sure, made me smile.

Posted by Krakn3Dfx

First, Aliens: Colonial Marines, then Walking Dead: Survival Instinct, and now...

...this. I guess we'll see, this looks like another game shat out on the heels of franchise popularity though.

Posted by Patman99

William Shatner, the greatest Canadian that has ever lived.

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Very amusing though as much as I found the non-game part of this video great, it just makes me want to play more of Star Trek Online instead of the new one.

Posted by Aleryn

Hot damn that's the best game commercial in years.

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I fucking love Shatner.

@development said:

Fun fact: William Shatner is 82

Which is damn insane. I won't look and feel a quarter as good as he's now when I'll be 50.

Posted by Adrian79

Great ad, awful game (I'm assuming).

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I really wish that, since this might be the last Star Trek game for a while, that they would branch out and try something new. Turning Star Trek into a generic Third Person Shooter appeals to nobody.

Posted by peritus

This is all right. All the rights!

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Commercial is great, game...probably not.

Posted by Dixego

Game looks awful. Ad was awesome, though.

Posted by FreakAche

I really want this game to be good, but I know it probably won't be.

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still know next to nothing about this, not sure if thats good or bad...

should be a good quick look to check out at least!

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@dixego said:

Game looks awful. Ad was awesome, though.

Good god man, you're right. It looks like a PS2 game. Kirk with the signature double axe handle makes this video worth it though.

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Star trek Bridge Commander..


Posted by Sackmanjones

This was an ad for a game?

Posted by Jay_Ray

Greatest Vidya Jame ad ever

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Shattner= the once and future king.

The bridge is your captain.

Posted by geirr

Awesome ad, I love it!

I can't stand the new cast though so I don't think I can get into the game.

If they actually had a pre-order skin of proper Kirk, or even just current Shatner I'd be pre-ordering right now. I can dream.

Posted by NTM

@pazy said:

That was amazing! Though I am a massive Star Trek fan.


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