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Posted by TheVideoHustler


Posted by TheVideoHustler
Now that that's over, this really does look interesting
Posted by OREOphosphate

Over the top!!! yo crazzzy sega

Posted by Tesla

This looks campy...and awesome.  Hopefully it plays well.

Posted by ashbash

Sure is a Sega game.

Posted by MooseyMcMan

Meh. I already own one Sega produced shooter where you fight robots, but the robots in that game are Russian, so I'm going to stick with that one. 

Posted by Jack

Seems generic at first but kind of intrigued by the last part of the video. Shot of the video at ~1:25 looks "in game-ish". 3rd person shooter? :D

Posted by grbear

I bet the emotion comes when Token dies.

Posted by yyZiggurat

Looks pretty dumb.

Posted by drew327

Looks awesome, great  ending to the trailer

Posted by wealllikepie

so fucking japanese christ

Posted by Yanngc33

The last 30 secondes of that trailer saves the game in my opinion

Posted by GrandMarshal

um...  Gears of Binary? Domain of War?

Posted by Taborcarn

Those sure are some crappy robots.

Edited by RoadCrewWorker

So, Gears of War, Blade Runner and Coach from L4D2 go into a bar...

where they all get violated by a japanese tentacle mo- i mean, developer with horrible facial animation, painfully stupid dialog and cheap C-movie action sequences.

The punchline is the price of the game.

Posted by Anwar

The black stereotypes and the androgynous antagonist, it's japan alright. :P

Posted by Sjupp

This looks so dumb.

Posted by Tarsier

fucking lol sega

Posted by simonpeeps

Not very interested at all.

Posted by Hackjob135

So do you play as the americans "saving" japan from robots or do you play as the now largely robotic/cybernetic nation of japan defending their home from invading americans? Dun dun dunnnn!

Posted by pcguy2

oh my god this looks horrible

Posted by Usagi

The way forward for Japanese devs isn't to out-generic the west in the shooter genre.  Sorry.

Posted by Shadowsquire

The voice acting there was pretty bad in my opinion. Sounded way too forced. And... how did she have a baby if she has no vagoo?

Posted by BlazeHedgehog

I laughed out loud at this trailer and at parts I don't think I was meant to.
Holy shit, Sega.

Posted by myslead

not sure lol

Posted by blaze503

'let the good times roll'!!!!
The hell.

Edited by MarkWahlberg

That makes up for everything else. 
EDIT: Wait, actually, it didn't. Everything about this sucks again.

Posted by PJ

This looks downright horrible. The vo is bad and the script is even worse. The atory looks somewhat interresting but thats because I love Sci-Fi and the designe is also really really bad.

Posted by Kaineda77

i did like how the big robot didn't really seem to give a damn.

Posted by G0rd0nFr33m4n

Holy Fucking Shit-Balls................ SEGA....... Sigh................. just die already... ..............

Posted by I_smell

This looks like the kind of game they'd make up in a movie because they can't legally use a real game.

Posted by Scodiac

"online sci-fi shooter"  
Does that just mean it will have multiplayer?

Posted by MisterMouse

that phrase seems out of place... the big guys arm looked weird at one point... and ehhhh going with those robots makes enemy design easy... faces look weird and simple as well

Posted by Philzpilz

This looks crazy.
 So it's basically Terminator, after skynet has created paradise. And you play cliche'd badasses/terrorists?
What're the odds that at least 1 of those 3 ends up being a robot...

Posted by anbumakura

I don't think this game looks very good visually speaking at all.  The robots look really boring and everything just looks kinda bad.  The game itself may turn out to be good, and if it is I'll pick it up, but this trailer is turning me off a bit already.

Posted by BitterAlmond

Black dude: " look out, fool!" 
Awesome, even Japanese people understand that black people say "fool" all the time.

Posted by Kazona

The last part was cool. Other than that, this looks mediocre at best.

Posted by funsohng

how come there are like no Japanese game that has guns other than MGS that has characters that at least knows how to shoot a gun properly

Posted by Kelswitch

Looks ok, but Japanese game writers really have got to stop looking at 80's action movies for dialogue for American characters.

Posted by Danzig612

Must have been painful labor with that baby, it done splodid off her bottom parts.

Posted by Nomin

Giving an opinion on the gameplay or really, the final merit of a game simply based on a pre-rendered CG trailer is ridiculous and absurd. 

Edited by MaddProdigy

It sure sounded like when he said "watch" he meant "break yo self". The graphics are terrible for CGI, the dialogue is painfully generic, and the combat looks same ol' same ol'. That hook at the end makes me want to know more though geez. Oh and as usual all the people in the game look like the designers spent 3 minutes building them and the enemies look sweet.

Edited by Kinarion

Wake up, fool! 
Okay, so the English dialogue was atrocious.  The subtitled Japanese was stilted.  The CGI was different, at least.   
Honestly, the last 10 seconds would have been a better trailer by itself, albeit a bit Deus Ex-y.

Posted by wewantsthering


Posted by thebigJ_A

OK, as soon as he said, "Let the good times roll", I was ready to blow this off as stupid, but I like the twist at the end. If there's some real moral ambiguity vis a vis which side is good, I can get behind this. 
I also like that giant robot's design. But then, who doesn't like giant robots?
Posted by thebigJ_A
Well, there *are* alot of fools in the world. I pity the fools...
Posted by Deusoma

Oh man, I really hope this game casts you as a peacekeeping robot defending Machine City from aggressive Human invasion. That might actually make it worth playing.

Posted by niamahai

Too Human Japan.

Posted by abdo

Looks awesome.

Posted by Xpgamer7

Everything about the trailer was kinda ugly, and generic. Suddenly Robot People!

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