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woooooo... pretty cool trailer

Posted by Oriental_Jams

Looks pretty good.

Posted by stillmotion

So awesome. Everything is in beat.

Posted by Googly

Looks awesome can't wait

Posted by MeatSim

Their is a epic sounding soundtrack going on there.

Posted by shannonhodgkin

European trailer im guessing?

Posted by InFamous91

Great stuff...i truly hope that this game will be a successful title
the music sounds great
the game looks great
and its freakin bionic commando...hopefully a must buy 

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Wilhelm Scream for the win.

Posted by deaux

Rearmed was awesome, so I'll check this out, but what I really want is another 2D game

Posted by Treppass

i loving how this game is turning out. hopfully tis will be a great game

Posted by CptChiken

that bit with riping the robots wing off and slicing it looked emmence!!!

some sorta invasion?

Posted by theMcNasty

Above par trailer for sure.  Can't wait to buy this one.

Posted by DannyJ

He looks really floaty, but in a good way...

Spencer for Brawl!

Posted by CoinMatze

Be bionic and go commando! LOL at 0:52. Hopefully the Wilhelm Scream will be in the actual game.

Posted by Sirn00bal0t

Looks good

Posted by Predasus

probably one of the best trailers i've seen for a game in a LONG time ... can't wait to buy this!

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wilhelm scream ha

Posted by Tordah

Now that's how you make an awesome trailer!

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I give that trailer a 4 out of 5.

Posted by Th3dz

That did it now I'm ordering it!

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InFamous91 said:
Great stuff...i truly hope that this game will be a successful titlethe music sounds greatthe game looks great and its ... [more]


I agree 100 % The MP-demo was pretty cool though so I guess it's gonna be great
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Great trailer, especially how the music matched so well with what was going on in the game.

Posted by mrfluke

impressive trailer thats definitely footage from the pc version if that is footage from the console version then the animations are awesome

Posted by Alphazero

You don't mess with a man with a bionic arm and a mullet.

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Looks bad ass, very nice trailer to come out with before the launch.

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Hahaha, oh man, Wilhelm scream.

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that arieal fight was awesome. he rips off the wing, cuts its head off, jumps off. Only to have like hundreds more just waiting!

Posted by Kazona

Looks damn good

Posted by mister_evil

Great stuff with the action synched to the beat!!! The music is similar to the one in the Rearmed launch trailer

Posted by Zarackus

That game looks amazing. Can't wait.

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Looks awesome, love the classic theme redone with an orchestra

Posted by RHCPfan24

Wilhelm scream always comes in handy. Looks sweet.

Posted by MordeaniisChaos

Excellent trailer, as usual with Capcom.

Loved how a lot of the action fit the music, especially around the middle.

Hopefully this game kicks ass, I still have yet to try out the demo.

Posted by Count_Elmdor

I've been somewhat down on the game since the multiplayer demo, but man, that looks cool.

Posted by fraser

That is insanely pretty

Posted by MarceloAbans

Where was this game months ago!? I remember seeing the trailer when the xbl version came out. At the time it looked hokey and trite but this? Looks epic. I'm in...

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Cannot wait!!

Posted by Johanz

Oh awesome timing with the music, just like the Rearmed launch trailer! :D

Posted by Eryxa

Looking kinda RAD there..

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Awesome trailer, especially the music. 10/10! The sky scene full of robots at 01:00 is super EPIC!!!

Posted by the_purgatory_station

nicely put together trailer.

damn, there's a level in the sky.