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Woot! Video review! Nice Jeff!!! I am definitely giving this a rent it looks fun.

Posted by Mootalstrike


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Yay, another video review!

Posted by brocool


Posted by TomA

yay for Will Helm scream!!!

Posted by MeatSim

Well swinging in Spiderman was fun and so was the grappling in Lost Planet.

Posted by cityofdis0

Awesome review.

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Yay!  Video review!

It was a good review, but it seemed to end abruptly.

Posted by SenatorSpacer

Yay more video reviews, still don't care about BC though :(

Posted by spiceninja

Great review but I don't really understand the ending of the video.

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Good review, and I agree with a lot of the points you make on it.

But...what's with the slightly canned review style of the video?  It had that "I'm reading from a cue card" feel to it.  It seems that video reviews of the past were a bit more laid back.  This was almost...dare I say it...GameSpot-like.  lol

Nonetheless, it's still a good review.
Posted by Seedofpower

Man, I was hoping it wouldn't be linear. Oh well, I guess ill just rant it since it's short.

Posted by RJPelonia

Great review. And interesting end frame. Here's what I got out of it:

-... . ... - .- . - .. --. . .-.-.- / .- ..- ... ..-. ..- . .... .-. ..- -. --. / ...- --- -. / .--. ... .- ... . / --.. .-- . .. / ...- --- .-. -... . .-. . .. - . - .-.-.- / .- -.- - .. ...- .. . .-. . / .--. .-. --- .--- . -.- - / .- .-.. -... .- - .-. --- ... ... .-.-.-

Obviously morse code. Which when translated:


Obviously German. Which when translated (through Google Translator anyway):


So... neat.

Posted by TheTemplar

Good review, the video review motivated the score better than the written one!

Posted by Artie

Jeff seems to have two tones when he's reviewing.

1. The normal "Hello I am Jeff Gertsmann" voice that he would regularly speak in on the podcast and how I imagine he speaks to other people in real life

2. The "HELLO I'M LAZER DYSLEXIC ON THE MORNING ZOO SHOW!!!" Where it sounds like he's constantly trying to sell you a used car. Which is what this video is (Sorry :/)

This game seems interesting, might be more of a three stars for me than four by the looks of it. I haven't played it, but that demo was a great way to put newcomers off. Multiplayer only demo? Really?

Posted by Fei

Definately checking this game out.

Posted by Brackynews

I wasn't aware Jeff owned any blank shirts.
I think Ben Judd should get some kind of award for the menu screen, and the controller layout tutorial.
Also, it was good to see ol' giantbombing owning the GameTrailers reviewer. :)

Posted by FrumpyBiscuts

cool, but I have to ask, what was with the ending. I mean, you guys always do something at the end of a review, but this just seemed kinda random.
Doesn't matter, was awesome, will look into this game.

Posted by ReyGitano

I don't see a problem with the review style. Yeah, Giantbomb is a layback site compared to these other corporate sites, but that doesn't mean their review style has to be. These people are professionals, and I assume that this is just how they've become use to doing it. I personally didn't even make anything of it until reading some of these comments. I think it's fine. Jeff delivers a professional review. He's not selling a product, but he is telling you why you might or might not be interested, and what he liked about the game. I love the mix of professional reviewing with the entertaining video editing. I always tend to either drown out the reviewers voice and focus on the gameplay being shown, or vice versa whenever I watch a video review, but here at giantbomb I enjoy watching these, and just wish there were more.

Posted by Jackel2072

well i do consider my self a swinger.

Posted by piecat
RJPelonia said:
Great review. And interesting end frame. Here's what I got out of it:-... . ... - .- . - .. ... [more]
This must be the morse code Jeff was attempting to decode earlier, as he said on his twitter. Project albatross was the secret weapon of the original game, so perhaps they are already planning a sequel with the enemies from the first game?
Posted by Kohe321

Great video review. Can't wait to play this!

Posted by Kajaah117
TomA said:
yay for Will Helm scream!!!
I thought I was the only one to catch that. I've heard that scream in a game since Shadows of the Empire. :P
Posted by Vager

I saw Jeff playing Bionic Commando Multiplayer over on Game Trailers video review.
Giant Bomb vs Game Trailers Go!

Posted by Under_Influenz

This will be a good summer rental.

Posted by Trnck

Jeff, grow an afro.

Posted by KillerKahuna

That was awesome, love the videos on Giant Bomb so much.
I mean the scene where you guys (probably Vinny) added that sound of a guy screaming when the flash on the jet occured was awesome.

Posted by solidpython

Was that a Wilhelm scream?

I think it was!

Posted by BBQBram

I'm kind of on the fence on this one; while the core gameplay seems fun and pretty awesome (as well as having a slick graphical style), the frustrating elements seem far too plenty. Other reviews I've read and seen all focused more on the design flaws rather than the elements that díd work well, so I was kind of suprised to see this get four stars here. However, the cheap deaths and sparse checkpoints are exactly the kind of things that make me want to break game discs, so I guess I'll pass. I could also see this gameplay becoming quite bland really, really fast. Auto-aim ftl.

By the way, nothing wrong with this particular review, it was just a bit short and to the point.

Posted by ahoodedfigure

"You can also use it to quit to the main menu, but why would you want to do that?"

Posted by creamclouds

wasnt a very long review there. didnt talk too much about the story, which I guess means there hardly is any? pass for me.

Posted by JackiJinx

Morse code?! AHHHHHH! No! I refuse!

Posted by Moeez

Even though I'm not going to buy the game, those environments look so great, I want to SWING!

Posted by bigdaddyjack21

Yes more video reviews for quick look games quick looks arent so quick

Posted by Reverseface


Posted by ocdog45

I'm still going to play it, I guess I knew it wasn't going to be that great. I think its dumb to have a multiplayer, but when you're charging $60 i guess thats the excuse.

Posted by GnsDemon

just can't decide if i'm going to get this or not. AHHH

Posted by MaddenedMan

1:02 - Wilhelm scream. Awesome.

Posted by AlexRudz

Neat morse code reference at the end.

Posted by JerichoBlyth

It just looks like Robocop and Spiderman had a baby.

A rental at best...think of it as something to pass the time, as you reserve your excitement for Prototype/Inhumane/E3/MGS5/Whatever

Posted by Xiemos2
TomA said:
yay for Will Helm scream!!!
I hate that thing.
Posted by nrain

I loved swinging in spiderman 2, so i'm really tempted by this game.

Posted by Kyle

I can confirm that this game kicks ass.

Posted by Colonel_Fury

I'll probably get this game when I have job again.

Posted by natetodamax

I'm considering getting this, but the video review seemed a bit uninformative.

Posted by MordeaniisChaos

Why so official Jeff? I mean, I liek it and all, just curious about the change. Great review. Encouraged me to try the game (which I have yet to do)

Posted by giyanks22

Great review...I don't think I'm picking it up though.

Posted by RHCPfan24

This review seemed a bit static compared to others. Like jakob said, loosen up! Nonetheless, a good review. I am going to check this one out.

Posted by GiantBomber

Nice review Jeff

Posted by Parsnip

Woo, Wilhelm Scream!

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