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god bless mike ashley

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This high-quality version is real nice. Trailer is still a worthless cocktease though.

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Most mysterious. I especially liked how the BioShock logo became all barnacle encrusted. Doesn't really offer any clue as to what the game will be about though...

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Definitely a little sister all grown up.

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Like Snide Said, looks like a liitle sister all grown up. I hope the'll be some Big dadies again, and make them more harder... Bioshock 1 was too easy.

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bioshock 2 will improve upon the original and continue the story

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Woah, awesome.

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I'm curious to know if Bioshock 2 will show us first hand the revolution within Rapture, but in a different perspective, before the aftermath that we've seen with the first game? A prequel of sorts.

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Monkey, that's usually what sequels try to do  :p

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I hope it is bigger and more badass.. ha

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Because the logo gets all barnacled and because the Little Sisters appear to have grown up some (she looked what?  13, 14 years old?), I'm guessing it won't be a prequel but that it will be a return to Rapture some years later.   A few more years ripening in Rapture will probably mellow out those crazy splicers.  Right?  Right?!

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Thats nice I guess, but I am so done with teaser trailers. Really anything thats not actual gameplay doesn't excite me anymore, Halo 3 might have something to do with that.

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That was a nice trailer!

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That butterfly seems to suggest that the game might take place on dry land.  Why else would they put a butterfly there?

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I would say that it is for sure years after the original.

Perhaps there are many little sisters and they have an army of big daddies all set for the take-over of a large east coast metropolis?

hmmm....now if only I knew of a huge city on the east coast......

You heard it here first.


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grainger  Said.
god bless mike ashley"

Agent Ashley you mean? ;p
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Alrighty. I'm reading too much into this, but:

* Definitely a grown up Little Sister, probably escaped with Jack.
* She's built herself a Big Daddy doll, baseball head, corkscrew arm, etc.
* She doesn't seem totally awake as she gazes into the ocean toward Rapture.
* As the sand Rapture city-scape rises up, she seems to be twitching oddly... she's making the cityscape appear using some plasmids she got as a young girl. Not sure how she got the ADAM, but maybe finding some ADAM triggered her desire to return to Rapture.
* The beautiful butterfly crawling out of the barnacle on the Bioshock 2 logo represents her.
* Spending your youth drinking the blood of war victims to extract magic worm juice will give you some psychological issues as an adult.

So, end result, you play as her returning to Rapture ten or fifteen years after the events of the first Bioshock where we find Something is Happening.

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Total agreeance with the last post, but I kind of wonder if it will actually be a return to underwater Rapture?

Maybe there are other, undiscovered Raptures out there? Sand? Maybe a desert Rapture? Maybe a functioning Rapture that the grown Little Sister can ruin? It's nice to see a sequel in the works, but if it's under the sea again, a lot of the wonder I felt in the original will be blunted.

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I look forward to another trip through a dissimilar Rapture.

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Neat, but It doesn't really reveal anything. That is definitely a little sister all grown up though, with a big-daddy doll. Wonder if she is meant to be the playable character, I don't think PC from the first one would work too well as the protagonist again. Maybe the relationship between the first and the second will be somewhat analogous to the relationship between System Shock and SS2.

this is an edit. On second though, and after reading some other post, I suppose its possible that the protagonist might be jack again, but he would have to loose all his plasmids, kinda like how Samus's suit gets wrecked at the beginning of every Metroid game.

anyway, speculation is well and good, but I would like a more revealing trailer...or the game.

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This Trailer is the biggest load of rubbish i have ever seen, come on people, its just a background with the Bioshock 2 logo fade in, aload of crap, i could make a better trailer than that so easily

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It's not trying to show the little sister building a rapture out of sand using plasmids. The rising Rapture out of the ground is metaphoric. There's a lot of symbolism in this teaser. Like the Bioshock logo looks really old and worn out (with all the underwater growth it seems to have) and also seems like it's been pulled out of the water (by the way the water is dripping off of it, and because of the butterfly).

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Well this sequel looks kickass. Can't wait to play it. I love the idea of combining plasmids. I wanna shoot out electric bees!