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Actually sounds kind of fun. But don't think I'll pick up another copy just for that. If they were to throw that on the Xbox marketplace and provide some additional achievements...maybe.

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Can't wait to download it

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Gah I wish this was coming to 360.

Didn't  one Sony guy say "Nothing is exclusive"? Maybe it will come to 360. :)

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I wish it was on 360. It looks fun.

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I couldn't be less interested. A bit more Bioshock with the story taken out? The story was the best bit. The game is over a year old now - I'm glad that PS3 owners can play it now, but can't we just move on now?

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They did a nice thing for Xbox 360 gamers with this one by not putting storyline in it, that would have pissed me off.

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Looks great! damn you ps3ers.

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That combat room looks hard and awesome.

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looks like crap

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Tales from the Crypt style comics, huh?

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forget 360, the original game came out for PC, why not this? rawr.

although, Alex V does have a point, the story was one of the things that made that game so good, but Id play this for more of the gameplay, which I though amazing, too.