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Posted by SonKite

Nice Bioshock

Posted by ODA9125


Posted by TheKing

These videos are so badass.

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I love these videos! Very Lost-y

Posted by Greenshoes

Can not wait.

Posted by GS_Dan

Very cool.

Posted by SpacePenguin

These videos have been great, I hope they do some more.

Posted by MachoFantastico

Love these! Reminds me of some of the old VHS ghost story tapes I used to buy as a kid.

Posted by Orbitz89

Huh.. I didn't know VHS was around in the late 70's.

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These videos are great, love the audio crackling. Can't wait for Infinite to come out.

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Posted by Krenor

I really love this videos

Posted by stryker1121

Takes me back to junior high film strips!

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This is marketing that I can get behind.

Posted by Wilshere


Posted by TwoLines

Yep, these are great.

Posted by BaneFireLord

This ad campaign is the best.

Posted by boylie

I love these videos so goddamned much.

Posted by MindChamber

So this is what they're spending their extra time on.

Sweet, a few more delays and a few more of these, and I wont have to play the game.

Posted by Turkalurch

Man I love these videos. Can't wait to play. There should be a game shot completely like this as well.

Posted by Deusx

Man, I love this. I wish other marketing companies would learn from this.

Posted by Shaanyboi

God damnit, that's great. I still hate the use of in-game characters for certain shots though. It sticks out so badly.

Posted by Killaclause

This stuff is just fun, I don't know why other games can't come out with interesting ways to present themselves and their stories.

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Wow. First time I seen something for that game that looked neat. Wish they would just do an hour or two video special like that and put it up on youtube.

Posted by Wampa1

Sell me this soundtrack damnit!

Posted by ArbitraryWater

If I wasn't already sold on this game, I would be because of these videos.

Posted by Marmaladebrat
Edited by thatguywiththedeepvoice

@shaanyboi: Yeah, that's my problem with these ads as well. Otherwise though, they're a lot of fun to watch. I really want to know who came up with this idea at Irrational Games (or Take-Two, or whoever created this).

Posted by phatcat

@branthog: A large market of gamers are us. the ones who are in their late 20s and 30s

Posted by GozerTC

Honestly these are the most effective advertising I've seen for these games. To me at least. :)

Edited by Paindamnation

Can't WAIT for this game. It's gonna be great!

Like you didn't know that.

Posted by chilipeppersman

@theking: this makes me want to watch a real old documentary or something.....looks awesome!

Posted by MeatSim

Keep giving me more of these videos.

Posted by CharlesAlanRatliff

So awesome.

Edited by Abendlaender

Man, please let this game be good. Please!

Posted by Eclectic

@branthog: I thought the same thing. I keep thinking there'll be a duck and cover drill after the movie. Old guy high five!

Posted by BBQBram

Game of the space-time continuum, all space-time continuums.

Posted by Reisz

This is the first bit of Bioshock Infinite advetising I have paid any attention to, god damn did they ever nail the aesthetic. That was pretty cool.

Posted by gbrading

I like how these are in 4:3.

Posted by Incapability

I'm really into the videos, but I think the game might now own up to what I think of the advertisement.

If they made the game in the style of those, though, I'd be down any day of the week.

Posted by GaspoweR

I wouldn't be surprised if Ken thought up of the idea for the 1970's film reel-style trailers.

Posted by ExiledVip3r



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I think this video may have sold me on a day one buy.

Posted by Agent47

@exiledvip3r: Don't be silly,they are obviously talking about Andrew Ryan as a child before he built Rapture, duhhh.

Posted by JEC03

Wish I could like the Bioshock series but I got to give them credit these old school trailers are pretty cool.

Posted by BlatantNinja23

wow, that video was pretty amazing

Posted by Hugh_Jazz

Oh, so Elizabeth is the chosen one? That's exactly the type of story hook this game needed.

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