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New BioShock? From Irrational?! WOO!

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Posted by nobu


Posted by Dezinus

Hahaha, I honestly thought "Bioshock Infinite" was some joke.

Posted by D_Man_Taylor

Ken Levine and Irrational have done it again!!!

Posted by Akeldama

Best thing they could have done to the series. Bioshock 2 was....well...not bioshock.

Posted by BoomSnapClap13

Wow, This made my dick hard.

Posted by MisterSamMan

I believe I can fly, I believe I can touch the sky. I think about it every night and day. Spread my wings and fly away...oh oh ohh

Posted by pickassoreborn

Incredible. Interest totally piqued for this.

Posted by Dale

2012 is too far away. Can't wait.
Posted by Dr_VonBoogie

I really am not liking the name

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lot of people getting excited over a cgi trailer. Seems to me that even though they moved it to the sky, it's the same damn game. Same atmosphere, same big daddies, same 50s music, etc. Way too early to say anything though.

Posted by Zanny

I don't know. So far it seems just that instead of underwater its in the sky. Granted not much is really known yet, but so far I can't really care for this yet.

Posted by fox01313

Strange but should be interesting to see more, glad to see they took some retro idea & went nuts with it over just another revamp of bioshock1.

Posted by obscurefan

Wow, from under the sea to up in the clouds, I'm very interested in seeing how this will go.

Posted by eccentrix

You can't take the sky from me.

Posted by KostasNI

NOT FIRST!!!! lol This looks really good. The underwater theme was getting dull.

Posted by outerabiz

nice informative teaser... as it should be

Posted by freeground

Honestly, this art style is far better than the original BioShock's. Game looks god damn beautiful.
Posted by IamTerics

Steampunk I see.

Posted by CookieMonster

Well. That was amazing. Consider me interested.

Posted by Eribuster

I guess SkyShock would've been too lame and lacking in franchise recognition.

Posted by Rhombus_Of_Terror

oh WOW. THIS should have been Bioshock 2!

Posted by Deathpooky

Kinda feel bad that they're strapped to the Bioshock name/universe for all eternity for marketing reasons.  It's going to be a bitch to make the story/technology make sense.   They can't have plasmids I'm guessing. 
I suppose 1912 is interesting from a historical perspective.  It's pretty much the opposite of the post-New Deal, post-Communism period of the 50's which drove Ryan and his ultra-individualist crew underwater.  You instead have all of your steel/railroad/factory barons ruling (literally) from atop before the laws of the teens/20s/30s took a lot of their power and created the middle class.

Posted by FelixCulpa

Really cool looking!

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The new setting makes me think of resonance of fate's Basel.

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If they can realise this in the same way as the first game it should be flippin' fantastic. 
Not sure how they are going to sort out moving around the city (each building is a separate floating level? balloons? jet packs? zip lines?) but there is a lot of potential with the environment. Just as there was always the potential of flooding in Rapture, the threat of falling / gas escaping / explosions from stray bullets should keep the tension high. The big daddy / little sister thing is a bit stale though - time for big momma perhaps?
Kudos for them not jumping straight to BioShock: Future Dystopia. Onwards and upwards indeed ...
Posted by Rio

After developing no interest in playing the 2nd one I am happy to see that this trailer has reinvigorated some desire to see where the franchise go.  I wasnt excited for a sequel in Rapture, but a sequel in a new setting could build some of that mystery back into the game.

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The next game will be above the sky! oh wait that already happened.

Posted by Nighthawk871

Really well put together trailer, but I was hoping to see something different out of Irrational instead of the same archetype.

Posted by Hackjob135

Looks @Dr_VonBoogie: 
I think the name BioShock could mean more than just underwater. Grated that was also my first reaction but after thinking about it the name was more synonymous with the concept of environmental shock rather than just water. So really they could take it to the center of the earth, space, and everywhere in between. And good on them for realizing that.  

Posted by geirr

Hopefully they make it even more like Metroid and have you shoot from floaty building to floaty building
with cannons or zip across them as a ball. Ohhh yeah new ball power!

Posted by frozenfishdemon

if the character doesnit say "Oh the Humanity!" at the end... i will be sad.

Posted by Pop

how do you get from icarus to bioshock?

Posted by TadThuggish

The name "BioShock Infinite" is really a disservice to the product.  Even if it has so many similarities, it's a completely different setting and time period.  By now "BioShock" conjures up imagery of the underworld location of Rapture, making the revelation that this isn't that far too troubling.  I'd bet money that Levine didn't want this to be the title, but 2K felt the need to milk a cash cow.
It's like if Nintendo named Metroid "Mario Infinite" because sometimes you run left to right.

Posted by Norbington

Looks very promising. The main draw of Bioshock  was seeing and exploring Rapture for the first time and I think if they create the same sense of amazement but with a sky city and maybe improve the gameplay using what they've learned from Bioshock then this could be excellent.

Posted by Baggykins

that was weird >.>

Posted by k_dash

sucks to be that guy. =/
Posted by Kajaah117

Chills. The claustrophobia of the underwater setting has been replaced with an incredible sense of vertigo I see. This just became my number 1 most anticipated game. 
... plus, Shawn Elliott worked on it. =P

Posted by hagridore
Surprised and un-surprised. Need more than a CG teaser!
Posted by RVonE

Yeah, I don't know about this...
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@Pop: Go read about Icarus.
Posted by yoshimitz707

Looks awesome.

Posted by Syphous
@IamTerics said:
" Steampunk I see. "
Well, it is BioShock... so... I would hope so.
Posted by DMack

"Infinite", as in, "The Bioshock series will be..."

Posted by PirateNeal

 See if they annouced Bioshock 2 and this was the trailer i would of been WAY more pumped for more Bioshock.

Posted by Robitt

Way more excited then for Bioshock 2, thats for sure. Still think its a crappy name though.

Posted by ParaParaKing

Meh. I thought the Irrational game would be something special and not more Bioshock.

Posted by Einherjan

Sounds like a JRPG title. Like Infinite Undiscovery.

Posted by danpat177

why all the hate ?
everyone that hates bishock 2 says its to much like the orignal so the change it and now look OMG WHY CHANGE IT 

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