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Posted by hermes

Bioshock was one of those games that make me regret my choice... I am totally getting it

Posted by Major

I have this for 360 but it's tempting to get again for the PS.
Such a good game

Posted by dQuarters

This game is SO last year ... and last year was awesome. I'm glad the PS3 folk can dig into Bioshock soon.

Posted by AndrewGaspar

Yes! I can't wait. =)

Posted by Bouke

Was it because of a deal with Microsoft that the PS3 didn't get Bioshock until now? I can't think of another reason why 2Kgames didn't release this simultaneous with the 360 version. Seems a simultaneous release would be better then releasing it a year later...
I only played the demo (360) and couldn't get into it, i'll probably going to pick it up at some point, since it will be cheaper now... is the 360 version getting a "platinum" discount?

Posted by brocool

yesss.. I can finally play it

Posted by kboy

Enjoy it, fanboys.

Posted by FlappyHands

Good for dudes who only have a PS3.

Posted by Knibbly

I looooove me some Bioshock. One of my favorite games ever!

Posted by TMThomsen


Because the PS3 was/is a nightmare to develop games to.

Posted by Moridin

I got it for PC way back when, but couldn't ever really play it on full-on settings. So this'll be a treat!

Posted by Stevokenevo

amazing game!  time for me to jump back into the world of rapture methinks.

Posted by FCKSNAP

It's a nightmare to port to. That's why Valve is so against it, because it doesn't adhere to Microsoft's monopoly in PC development. That's why first party PS3 games are so much better than the majority of third party prior to 2008.

Posted by Xander51

That music was nowhere near as good, in my opinion, as the dulcet tones of one Bobby Darin.

Posted by TomboDemon

i played this game in segments because of its length and me getting sidetracked,
i want to play it again and fully appreciate the story this time

Posted by zhinse

Isn't this game coming out the same week of Littlebigplanet?

Posted by giyanks22

This game was awesome on the 360

Posted by AaronBelfast

I cant wait for this game. October can't come soon enough!

Posted by RHCPfan24

That game was soooooo good. Really.

Posted by muralbat

I never got around to getting it for xbox for some reason. So as with the rest of my PS3 library this will be picked up as "Games I forgot to get on 360" that ethos works pretty well. Also, this game looks brilliant and i regret not picking it up at the start.

Posted by BADJOKE
Posted by Asrahn

It's a great game, by all means. Good to see that the PS3 owners gets to play it as well!

Posted by Lonewolftom

It looks the same Brah!

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Would you kindly hurry up with Bioshock Infinite? kthx