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Posted by Fogh

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NOOO, so close 
also, trailer looks cool

Edited by Bigandtasty

Good trailer but a bit too abstract for the average person, I think.

Posted by cap123

get in there while everyones distracted with TNT-

Posted by Kyle


Posted by Manhattan_Project

Not working for me : (

Posted by alpha_numeric

Not playing for me... bummer

Posted by PerryVandell


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Extended, eh?

Posted by CptChiken


Posted by Cdude9590

Pullin a brad

Posted by MisterMouse

Not much shown over the previous version...

Posted by Hadoken101

Damn, I was distracted by the live stream. Must get quest!

Posted by AlwaysAngry

It's still doesn't play :(

Posted by LimblessPoet

A little sad.

Posted by j_meyer_13

 200, Stream not found, NetStream.Play.StreamNotFound, clip: '[Clip] 'http://media.giantbomb.com/video/tr_reach_042910_1500.flv''
Boooooo video not working. :(

Posted by Hoshnasi


Posted by Rezonator

its a no show for me  

Posted by ISmoochyI

they need to make feature length movies like this

Posted by Seedofpower

Awesome a broken vid.

Posted by Napalm

This is the earliest I've ever been to a video page. I never arrive this early. Hell, the video isn't even up yet!

Posted by ChasingTheSun

Really? why not just make a movie, it'd be amazing.

Posted by Seanakin66

Damnit, one more new video watched and another quest bites it!  This blows!

Posted by blaakmawf

As much as I couldn't care less about the games, I am totally into the Halo universe.

Posted by XGM

Oh noes it is broken

Posted by Advertisement

Duder its broken

Posted by kagekage

Broken :(

Posted by FireSketch

Daww, not showing :(

Posted by Napalm

That was good. I wish more trailers were like this.

Posted by ThePwnee

Slightly better than the normal version.

Posted by themartyr

I would prefer it if he looked a bit more pumped after the surgery... Still, this all bodes well for the upcoming movie.

Posted by ArmedBear

*roids get injected*
"Whoa.  I know kung fu."

Posted by DrTran916

Looks like Tom Hanks nephew.

Posted by thenexus

God Dam it!
Someone make a cool Halo Movie already!!!!

Posted by TheHT

halo games have such awesome music.

Posted by SmacK1776

I'm liking these live action trailers they're putting out these days. This one was nice... I liked Ghost Recon: Future Soldier's a lot better.

Posted by gla55jAw

I've got to say. That trailer is pretty fucking awesome.

Posted by oddWord

Whatever you do..... DON'T BLINK! 

Posted by Demyx

Interesting trend is interesting. I could think of some good games that could have awesome live trailers.

Posted by JB16

Is becoming a spartan really that easy?
I liked the ODST trailer better.

Posted by rargy
@TheHT: Agreed.  Don't care to much for the video part of this trailer but the music is great.
Posted by Bionicicide

Not better than the edited 1 minute version... weird.

Posted by Donkeycow

anyone else think this dude looks a little scrawny to be a super soldier?

Posted by Noremakk

A surprisingly quality, arty trailer for such a brainless game. I must say, I enjoy Halo's storyline five hundred times more than much of the game itself.

Posted by ThatFrood

wow this makes no fucking sense

Posted by Gonmog

Wait...so a spartan is just a juiced up soldier? ...k...

Posted by OrgunUK

Surprisingly tame medical procedure in the video compared to what i've read about it (but then it is a TV ad), although that could just have been Phase 1 and he got up during the procedure to have a look at his future armor, it doesn't necessarily mean he was about to put it on. ...Man and i dont even like Halo :)

Posted by LEEROY

America's way of telling people that steroids are 'ok'

Posted by Jaqen_HGhar
@OrgunUK: A lot of people made the mistake in the last video as well. This is not the making of a SPARTAN II, which involved a lot of messing around with their bones, more medications and juice, and generally a lot more pain. This is the making of a SPARTAN III. They where easier to make, cheaper, but not as good as the II's. But since they where cheaper, and the added fact that they didn't need genetically perfect specimens, they could more or less just pump them out and use them on dangerous and difficult missions. 
Posted by Terjay

Halo's ad-campaigns have always been excellent. I love these live action bits.

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