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Can't wait....or resist, first

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Stops part way, looks cool though

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I'm having a lot of trouble with most of the videos only loading a 1/3 of the way the past couple days

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As opposed to the Nintendo PR guy in the interview a few days ago, this guy seems totally honest and on the ball. Awesome.

That said, I'm not really into retro-styled rhythm, especially on the Wii, but I think it's pretty cool that such a game has its place.

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Hey what is the name of the font you guys just for the name?

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why cant i ever find where to buy these games?

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That tatoo is rad!!!!!!

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Bit Trip Core is such an awesome name. I don't know what it describes exactly, but I want some!

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Yes, the 2600's paddle should come back!  You don't really have a good analog in today's controllers.

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nice interview brad.

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I really like this interview. Probably my favorite one yet. Alex was a good talker, as well.

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Here's the signal (definition here):

I instantly recognized it from an old astronomy book of mine :)

Cool interview.
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So the story is told over the course of six games... Well that clears up why the story in Bit.Trip Beat made no sense whatsoever. Perhaps I'll understand it after playing Bit.Trip Core...

Anyway, the game's looking good. I'm really looking forward to playing this. I loved Bit.Trip Beat immensely, it's easily one of the best games on the WiiWare service. So Core should as Beat was -- if not better (hopefully that will be the case with Core).

Have you tried looking around the Wii Shop Channel? That's the only possibility I can come up with regarding why you can't find it.
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wtf ? don't even want to watch ... there's no picture, gameplay ???!
who's that guy ??

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I had a blast playing Beat co-op.  The hectic pace and the lack of defining features for your paddle just made it a lot of fun, if not also terribly difficult.  But, man, that guy is a huge nerd.  Having a NASA signal tattooed on your arm?  Geez, that takes some hardcore geek dedication.  Also, Core looks really tough.

@girdz: They're on Wiiware, and I think probably in the "most popular" section.  I had no trouble finding Beat.

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:P That tattoo is made of pure win!  Awesome interview, Brad  & Alex.

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doesnt look like a great game tbh, looks like it would get repetetive fast and i actually hate the art style, very off-putting

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Thanks for the interview Brad!  It was awesome talking with you.  I hope y'all like CORE!

-Alex Neuse
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Looks nice and addictive, but me has no Wii.

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That was very entertaining.
Nice job, Brad.

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Looks kinda neat. Also, yeah I too really prefer interviews with actual people behind games than with PR people.

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@C_Rakestraw: oh okay thanks, it was probably because i dont find the wii shop channel menus all that clear
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Interview music is kinda distracting in the beginning.

Great interview questions though.

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Bit Trip Beat had a story?

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Brad has the best interview questions-- very concrete and useful.

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Hey its J Allard.. 

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really interesting guy, much better than interviewing PR some people. His take on BTC vs. Silent Hill/Indigo Prophecy was really enlighting, I wonder how he would react to the game Yume Nikki then...

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pixles rock, screw hd graphics

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Are those pierced glasses?

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Pixel art tattoo that's unique.

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Fun interview, no boring strictly PR people. :)

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This interview made me want to get in on th bit trip bandwagon!
I missed the first game, but think if I come across some money this summer will have to invest!
Good work guys. Convincing me to spend yet more money I dont have!

After this, I have now bought Bit.Trip Beat and am eagerly awaiting Bit.Trip Core. BTB was one of the best games I've played in a while!

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Good interview, I always enjoy Brad's questions. They are much more interesting then your run of mill every day "When's it coming out" questions. Looks really neat, maybe I'll buy the first one today.

It's an interview... I'm always surprised at how foolish some people can be. By the way there is some gameplay shown in the video.

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That was actually a really great interview - nice work.

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Great interview. These games look really interesting, probably the best thing I've seen on WiiWare thus far.

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This guy is really cool- he believes in letting games be open ended narrratively and allowing players to interpret their meaning instead of smacking them on the head with it. I'm the same way.