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Posted by Blayze

Wow, to be honest it looks amazing!

Posted by Dachef

It looks sick!

Posted by coldmilk

looks awesome, any chance of an Xbox 360 release?

Posted by Hilikus

It's a PC mod, so no 360.

Posted by TescoSquirrel

Oh man oh man, we've been waiting so long for this.

Posted by Crono

This has been in production FOREVER!  Will they ever release it?

Posted by Media_Master

When will it come out?

Posted by Crono

Trailer says 2009.  You have 365 guesses.

Posted by paisan13

I love me som good old Half life ^_^

Posted by Rekt_Hed


Ive been waiting for this mod since the very beginning ....it looks soooooo awesome.

Actually ready to explode XD


Posted by Duffy

Hell yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Hoshnasi

Just heard, to speed up delivery BM:S is going to be bundled with Duke Nukem Forever, that way both dev teams and share common knowledge on vaporware and making video trailers!

Posted by nolanvoid


At first I was like, "but I've played this game like 10 times already."

Then I was like, "I have to play this again."

Posted by unclejohn0525

Oh... Oh... Oh my god... I need a change of clothing....

Posted by Kontrapunkt

all most 5 years... finally a proper trailer :D

Posted by FlappyHands

It better be good and it better come out soon!

Posted by RyeBread

Valve needs to pick this up and make it a complete remake.

Posted by Xander51

This is looking stellar. I've been waiting for it a really long time. It's looking amazing now, I'd pay money for it.

Posted by LDub

Simply amazing!

the trailer was well put, gets me excited even more.

Posted by Skunkboy72

This better come out in 2009, if not, we will have waited longer for it, then for the actual sequel to Half Life.

Posted by gripman

G-Man wins!

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Posted by canadadry

looks like it may have been worth the wait

Posted by SinGulaR

It says 2009. Isn't 2009 over already?
Posted by Mark


Posted by mewarmo990

The first time I saw this trailer, I was just blown away. It looks damned professional, too.
But yeah, there hasn't been an update on their site for about half a year now.

Posted by ninjastail

EA bought them :P

Posted by brain18

Is this ever going to come out?

Posted by habster3

When two year old comments are debating whether or not this will actually come out and there haven't been any updates since, you know this thing's vaporware -.-