Posted by RIDEBIRD

WAR. WAR.. changes? 
Is that what he's trying to say? Anyway, mighty generic looking shooter there sir. 

Posted by lukeissxc

Looks kinda cool

Posted by Uberjannie

Looked like crap

Posted by Yzzerdd

The most Unreal Engine 3 looking game this year.

Posted by EgoCheck616

I feel for it with Painkiller on PSN, I won't fall for it again..

Posted by snoopdye

I wanna say I've played this game before......

Posted by random_guy23

lol 'download the future' xD

Posted by electricfuture

It might be good if it has a leveling system, but if not, no go

Posted by Gregomasta
@snoopdye said:
" I wanna say I've played this game before...... "
Posted by knownspace

Looks like FEAR multiplayer but shite

Posted by Skanes

Blackcock: Boogie Down.

Posted by zaglis

Oh cool, a new mod for UT3. WAIT A SE-

Posted by KaiserZephyr

God damn! Anyone else immediately think of the original Rainbow 6 games anytime they see "tango down"?

Posted by Meltac

This made me think of F.E.A.R. 2

Posted by DJKommunist

Looks like quake wars, just not as cool and alien-y

Posted by FatGuy4Life

Now that looks bad

Posted by Edin899

Wow...this looks horrible, i hope the developers are reading this .
Posted by MisterMouse

Well it is clear that because it is an online only release, there probably wasn't to much money for the project, so based on the amount of money they received is it good or bad?

Posted by Kralle

Blacklight sounds pretty cool, didnt look too well though

Posted by AURON570

everyone watch this again, but turn up the volume, so much more epic.

Posted by Yummylee

Ignition?? Deadly Premonition is really helpin them get noticed.
Posted by MacEG

It's weird cause I thought CounterStrike 1.6 when I saw the dude reloading near the end.

Posted by theviv

"downloading that future " might not go so well
Posted by andrewf87462

As long as it's only cheap then i'm in for some zombie killing!! And is it just me or does this just look like Counter Strike future style?

Posted by BraveToaster

looks boring
Posted by triple07

If its cheap ($10) I might give it a go

Posted by AngelicRampage

when i saw the weapon  models i immediately thought of Legendary
but yah it looks good, XBLA title ill prolly get it, along with that other one coming out i cant remember the name but it has destructible environments and stuff

Posted by JoelTGM

Looks a little dark

Posted by Griddler

Oscar Mike?

Posted by CharkeeFarlee
@Miasma said:
" Blackcock: Boogie Down. "
Fucking lol

I feel like I've seen this game a million time before. FPS game devs gotta think of something new. BC2 manages completely fine thou. But that's because of the destruction changes the gameplay which would otherwise be JU$T another FPS.

Posted by Milkman

Maybe the most generic shooter name I've ever seen.

Posted by ThePwnee

Blacklight... oh shit, cum stains!

Posted by lightsoda

Seems alright, though I think I'll stick to BFBC2.

Posted by SaturdayNightSpecials

Did like the Metroid-ey music, though.

Posted by mbkish

for a download only title it doesn't look too horrible.

Posted by Lind_L_Taylor

Shouldn't there be a "Hawk" in the title somewhere?
Seems like an interesting shooter, but only a smidge.
@random_guy23 said:

" lol 'download the future' xD "

Isn't that a quote from Zero Cool in the Hackers movie?  It sounds like something he'd say.
Posted by wolf_blitzer85

Yup, that's a shooter. You shoot things.

Posted by cjmabry

Looks promising for a 1200 point arcade title. 

Posted by Dethfish

Looks kind of cool.

Posted by lunalicrichard
@EgoCheck616 said:
"I feel for it with Painkiller on PSN, I won't fall for it again.. "

i do think this will be much better the painkiller . i wil give it a shot on xbox with a trail.
Posted by Longevitous

who's gonna buy this? not me

Posted by TheHT

looks boring. though coop is always nice and i'm curious as to the real number of weapon combinations available.

Posted by S0ndor

War evolves? Internet, I am disappoint...

Posted by AhmadMetallic
@Axxol said:
" looks boring "
Posted by ProfessorEss

I find it amusing how they call it "evolved" then go on to list a number of bullet points that already exist in soooo many games.
Still, perhaps the game to price ratio will work in it's favor.

Posted by IronScimitar

stupid fuzzy computer screen transistion screens....check
riduculous title....check

Posted by MeatSim

You can download the future?

Posted by VibratingDonkey

War has evolved. 
Instead of people shooting guns, guns shoot people.
Black Dark: Hawk Storm.

Posted by Mezmero

So it's a multiplayer focused first-person shooter huh?  It just looks like a fictional civil war within the ranks of Cobra.