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fing yes got it

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Metzen is a stylish dude.

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Almost! Wonder who this guy is

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what a beard

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damn it!

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why do the dudes at Blizz dress like they are in the UFC?

Posted by Qirate

This is so cool! Must be a blizzard...

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Metzen is my idol. What a great artist.

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Yes! Metzen!

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Really good interview, also Metzen is awesome.

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best job ever.  *envy*

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Why does he remind me of Orlando Bloom?

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Sweet. ! :)
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Wow those questions...
... so awesome!

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Good interview.

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This is one of the greatest people in the Game Industry if you ask me.
It's a shame he works for our Activision Overlords :-(

But man Brad knows what questions to ask. He is THE man to do interviews. Simple as that.
I bow down to Brad Shoemaker.

Posted by Floppypants

Metzen is one of those guys that can give you a half hour answer to anything.

Posted by Rowr

great interview brad.

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Chris is so awesome

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huh, that poster furthest to the right doesn't fit with any blizz games i know, art style is different from warcraft and it's fantasy so it isn't starcraft, could it be something to do with the new MMO :o or maybe it's just diablo III haha

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Metzen is one busy dude....

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@Jayzilla said:
" why do the dudes at Blizz dress like they are in the UFC? "
It's called living in SoCal.
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And you will listen to all of it
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The name "Metzen" is somehow engraved in my brain since I saw it first in the Warcraft II (Tides of Darkness) manual.

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another good interview brad, well done

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lol the still of this video makes it look like Brad is interviewing Vinny.

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Great interview Brad!
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great questions by  brad!

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C'mon Brad, you gotta be the one to initiate that handshake!
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@Donkeycow: It's StarCraft. Mengsk carries around a sword for some reason.

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Mad props to Brad for an awesome interview!

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Metzen almost makes me starstruck.

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Awesome guy. 

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 Wow, I have not seen facial hair of that caliber since they interviewed that French guy who made The Saboteur game.

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Oh wait, the Xel' naga could make an appearance and that could become a fourth race, if only for the single player campaign.

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@Bloviator said:
" Metzen almost makes me starstruck. "
I know, right?
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Great interview. Metzen rocks and Brad nailed it. Congrats Brad!

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Metzen is badass :O great interview!

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Metzen is awesome.

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@CptBedlam: Ditto man, I saw those great pictures in the manual and METZEN just looking like it was carved into the corner.  That manual was the reason I sprung for the deluxe edition of War III for the manual (which was totally worth it)
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I could probably listen to Metzin talk about his work for days

Posted by Mizuchi

talking about holy cow, lol tauren paladins.

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Oh cool! Gonna watch this, need to take my Metzen.

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Oh man, the two best people in gaming.
In one room!
Yes, I said it.

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Another amazing interview. This guy kinda looks like the character model for Jim Raynor...if you think about it. I think they might make a Warcraft 4 after they finish WoW Catycylsm

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Strangthelorn Vale is going to be demolished... ah, the best zone ever created. No!

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I want to have Metzen's babies.  =[  

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@Mizuchi: ZING!