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Strippers, poop, and ball sacks.

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Looks like that Call of Juarez game Deep Silver made...

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Arr, it never stops

Yeah I felt about the same way at that point in the trailer.


Except shittyer... somehow.......

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Looks better than that Rambo game.

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Er, wait, the comic?

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He got hit in the balls.

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I'm kind of angry with you for reminding me that they're still making bad games, Scoops.

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This has to be the first QL Alex and Vinny do.

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I don't know anything anymore, man...

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Looks better than that Rambo game.

Paging Alex Navarro. Would Alex Navarro please report to the office PS4?

Just because the BEAST has been unleashed doesn't mean that Navarro can start neglecting his existing duties as Giant Bomb's videogame sanitation engineer.

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The amount of tag lines/quotes/testimonials is astounding.

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Brought to you by Happy Madison Productions!

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@reelife said:

Looks like that Call of Juarez game Deep Silver made...

The Cartel? That was done by Techland and published by Ubisoft, like the previous ones and Gunslinger.

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I think I'd rather play the Rambo video game again... What the fuck am I even saying?

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"Designed for use with the Leap Motion peripheral(PC)."

Had to look it up. Still not sure it's my cup'a tea.

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If I can actually play this with my move controllers, this might just be the right amount of dumb for some laughs.

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Those score numbers look like they're ripped right out of house of the dead overkill. Lots of it does really, but without the dumbness that made overkill fun.

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@ghostiet said:

@reelife said:

Looks like that Call of Juarez game Deep Silver made...

The Cartel? That was done by Techland and published by Ubisoft, like the previous ones and Gunslinger.

Sorry, I thought I knew whom developed that game and took a shot x) But yeah to me this game reminds me of that.

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Goddammit, videos games.

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@dugherb It's a really weird thing. But, at least it was a good way to do light gun games on pc?

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Why is the Xbox One version not mentioned here or in the wiki?

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Finally my motivation to procure a PS4.

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Experience the motion control of the Dualshock 4? Just what I always wanted!

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How can people be paid LOTS OF MONEY FOR THIS? Someone sat in a room with several adults and watched money signs appear above their head. Honestly, why are investors and people who allow this so fucking stupid? No way to put it nice. Stupid. This game is stupid. Bad games are terrible and should never be made! I don't get it.

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I thought people stopped making games like this after 2004. And I'm not referring to rail shooters.

I mean seriously. Adult human beings (presumably) made this.

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@mandrewgora: Yeah. It also seems to have near-nothing to do with the comic, and has you playing as the shithead bad guy from it.

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Played the demo. What a piece of shit this game is. A rail shooter that uses tilt controls is as bad as it sounds. I had to keep hitting the re-center button after every fight. The crosshair just gets lost up in the corner of the screen no matter how you hold the controller. Otherwise the game seemed like your average "Let's be edgy, but not actually funny. Edgy is funny, right?!" game with nothing interesting holding it together.

I wouldn't even give the full game a chance, because the controls were so bad. Maybe there's a few laughs later on, but I doubt it.

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Man, I really want a new light gun game.

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Strippers, poop, and ball sacks.

I'll take the first two, at the same time.