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Edit: Oh well. That's the closest I'll get to completing the quest.

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That is one funkalicious bomberman trailer.
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Erh. I have the first one on XBLA, it's pretty neat-o, but I'm not getting this new one. ever.

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Good stuff.

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still bomberman, nothing game changing there.

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Bomberman should be completely top down, none of this semi isometric angle in here.

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How many fucking times do they think we'll buy this game?

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The first XBLA bomberman had horrible hit detection, and you'd get stuck on geometry often. This one looks the same, only with more goodies. Which at the end day we all play stage 1 in bomberman anyhow. 
Nobody buy this shovel-ware.

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Wait, what? 

I assumed this was a 3DS game, and was going to complain about the fact it looks identical to the version on XBLA already.  But this is an XBLA game?  Even as a pretty big Bomberman fan, I don't need the same game on a different console.. why do I need the same one on the same console?

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bomberman is not that fun stop making it!

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I am holding out for beerfest.

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woah that played a lot louder than I expected. 

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looks like bomberman,
50/50 chance I'll pick this up

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looks like more of the same, I guess people keep buying bomberman?

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At least it's not another of the hideous bomberman act zero game.

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Bomberman - Still the best thing ever.

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shaft bomberman costume confirmed