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Posted by Sgtpierceface

I like when you have these guests on Patrick. I bought his game immediately after the show ended.

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Oh man David S. Gallant has a striking resemblance to the wrestler Bubba Ray Dudley in that picture.

Posted by namco51

"Sorry, Video being processed" :-\

Posted by vikingdeath1

My Highschool Ethics teacher had the same name... but not the Beard.

Posted by Zvarri
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Posted by MrMazz

why isn't this showing up in the podcast feed yet?

Posted by Vigorousjammer

Oh man... that beard.
That's a pretty great beard.

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@vigorousjammer: It has taken many moons to grow these glorious chin-locks. I should try braiding it again sometime soon.

@i_stay_puft: Yeah, I see what you mean.

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I don't hate you Patrick.

Posted by ptys

Still waiting for the standard 3DS to get a re-design. Seems like that thing is not around anymore though?

Posted by BigD145

I wish I could have watched this live but youtube always fails and throws up a connection error as you go live. I either never get video or get in 30 minutes after the start.

Posted by Axel_IX

Oh man, that new Chibi Robo's pretty cool though!

Posted by Brad3000

Man, I wish this guy all the best but he did himself no favors in this "Bombin'". As a freelance artist, I know the self motivating difficulties he is talking about, but he really makes himself sound like a guy who can't get anything done. At the beginning I was rooting for someone to hire him or help him out in some way and by the end I was kind of like "eh, I don't think I'd hire him if I could". That may well be a simple problem of presentation and I sympathize with the guy a lot. But man, if you're in need of work maybe don't go on a fairly big podcast and talk about all the deadlines you aren't able to hit and promises you can't fulfill. You have a window of exposure and opportunity right now that most people would love to have. I know that losing your job and being on unstable footing can be a real hurdle to creativity and productivity, but your time to make something better happen is right now.

Posted by Zvarri

@brad3000: Professionalism is not my strong suit. Besides, I became unhireable by most bigger companies the moment I got fired for making a game; Bombin' in the A.M. won't change that.

I know honesty doesn't bring home the paycheck, but I value it way more.

Posted by RE_Player1

I prefer when it's just Alex and Patrick.

Posted by RockyRaccoon37

Can't wait to get home and check this out.

@zvarri Nice t-shirt! It's been really great to see Toronto become a booming source of independent game development. Have you had a chance to go to a Dames Making Games event?

Posted by Brad3000

@zvarri: I feel for you dude. And I hope that my comment doesn't come off as an attack. I've been there. I do hope the best for you and I too believe in being honest. I've just learned that there are better and worse ways to frame issues. And yes, while there are certainly a number of companies who would write you off based on this incident, there are hundreds of others who would not. Unless of course, you continue to give them reasons beyond the initial story. I'm just saying prudence might help. But I certainly understand if anonymous preaching from the Internet isn't something you're interested in hearing. I'm sure I probably wouldn't. So I will shut up now. Best of luck to you:

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@rockyraccoon37: I've been to several! I was a volunteer mentor for the Jeuxly and Junicorn incubators. Good times.

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Is Alex really off the show? :(

Posted by GateKeeper

I work at a call centre, let's see how this compares :)

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That game caught my attention earlier this year. Very creative!

Posted by AMyggen

@edeo: Of course he isn't.

Anyways, great show!

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Don't like new wolves... common son. Bring Alex back. Hopefully this is a joke.

Edit: Ah okay, so semi joke.... haha, not that funny.

Edit: Okay, I can get on board with this format. Also, awesome, I'm playing Spelunky while listening to y'all talk about Spelunky...

Posted by ninkendo

I miss Alex :(

Edited by RoaRawR

I enjoyed "I get this call every day" mostly because of the past experience to tell people 3 times to just read what is on the screen in the error box and than start to ramble on about "I am not a computer person bla bla I am not suppose to know this bla bla what do you expect?I am a engineer not a computer person bla bla" or if I am lucky they know what they called about...

fun little game :)

Posted by WolfHazard

This guy likes majoras mask. He's a ok in my book

Posted by spiketail

The "Pack up your things" Edition. Insta-win! Could not of named his physical edition any better than that. GL in the future, Mr. Gallant!

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You can slow down time in Majoras Mask as soon as you get the ocarina, which is like right at the start. So they wouldn't need to change that.

And I think you only ever need to beat one boss and two mini-bosses at once, to get the frogs together for a side quest. And it's not hard either, since you can just warp to dungeons and then to the boss room after you beat it before. Only if you want to 100% the game, there's some specific things you can do after a boss is defeated.

Posted by AngriGhandi

I'm getting annoyed of people calling every game where you have to think about what you're doing even a little bit "secretly a puzzle game."

Making you pay attention and think about what you're doing is not the same as a puzzle! If it were, crossing the street without getting hit by a car would be considered "solving a puzzle."

But it's not! That's just the world.

Posted by Necrotron

@msavo said:

I prefer when it's just Alex and Patrick.

Yeah, that was the dynamic that made me interested in hearing what they had to say each week. Seriously bummed he's off of it now.

Posted by TournamentOfHate

This was sweet!

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