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Nintendo will bounce back

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VIDEO GAMES!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Is there any way for you guys to show images/trailers (muted I suppose) live while talking about said game? That would be pretty cool, but I am guessing it would be too hard to do.

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The jitters Patrick talks about are very similar to PVP in EVE, especially compounded by the fact that losing involves real loss of assets. It's also why that game is so great.

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@azurath: It wouldn't be hard to do but it wouldn't necessarily look great live. The best way would be to edit in the video/trailer later but then live viewers can't see it.

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Would be hilarious what if Flake87 turned out to be Chris Remo lol

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Man, Nintendo. I feel so terribly about that. I want them to succeed more than anyone else really.

Though I will definitely agree, there's still not much in their lineup that's truly "exciting" to me right now. Both Mario games are quasi-sequels. Pikman is a sequel. Wind Waker is a remake. The only things that are truly "new" are The Wonderful 101 and ZombieU to my knowledge, and they're not first party, system selling names.

I just hope they don't continue to play it safe, as that's sort of their problem in a sense. A new IP might be in order.

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Normally listen to these rather than watch, but I must know what the Lost Vikings are doing in the thumbnail.

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The only boss I've never been able to beat on my own so far is Smough and Ornstein. Stray Demon I've never had to try more than a couple times to beat him. Smough and Ornstein just fuck my day up constantly. It's always 99% of the time Ornstein just dashing up and being like FUCK YOUUUUU.

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@alex has fucking Octodad.

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Great show!

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Patrick does exactly the same thing I did when I played Dark Souls. Overgeared/twinked jerk invading my game to ruin my fun? Jump off a cliff near a bonfire so I can just retrieve my souls quicker rather then deal with him.

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Banner Saga sounds great. Definitely got to make time to play it soon.

Also, am I crazy or does Patrick constantly repeat the "XCOM got me into strategy" story? I feel like I've heard him go through his XCOM/Fire Emblem spiel at least 20 times on this site, and that's not an exaggeration.

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God, those Silver Archers are horrible. Also, nice use of the term buttress Patrick.

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I always get bummed when people talk about Nintendo. People take any criticisms as attacks on their IPs and innovations, but what it (at least for me) comes down to is that you don't buy a Nintendo console unless you're okay with only having a dozen games worth playing on it over the lifespan of the console.

I lost move of Nintendo's stuff, but I'm not paying $250+ for that. There's definitely some things Nintendo need to catch up on (such as running their fucking online service like it's the 90s), but above all else they need to get more quality games. People can point to all the successful games they want, but it's always the same dozen games. You can't prop a console up on the same dozen games.

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@rapid said:

Would be hilarious what if Flake87 turned out to be Chris Remo lol

This would be amazing. Seriously so good.

At least Nintendo is giving awesome games like Wonderful 101, Bayonetta and X a chance, didn't seem like other publishers were. I really don't want Nintendo to non-exist. I think they should run with how popular the Smash Melee scene is right now(coming back to the MLG circuit) into when Smash 4 comes out. Probably won't turn all of Nintendo around or anything but at least stop trying to stop people that love your games from showing them online.

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Nice Amon Amarth name drop!

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Alex namedropping Amon Amarth for Banner Saga? I'm double sold om the game now.

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Alex, I have that same Clockwork Orange poster you have in my apartment. Good taste yo.