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4 hours later, FIRST!
Happy birthday to me!

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It's a Shaq attack!

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How dare you call a new shaq fu stupid.

patrick and alex are becoming more unlikeable every week.

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That Shaq Fu IndieGoGo is pretty much funding a meme. Don't fund memes, you assholes.

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I can always count on you guys to not pull a Brad. Good Job.

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Patrick, you shouldn't let Katie carefully think through all the decisions, she should panick and suffer the consequences like the rest of us do :)

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If my wife despised south park that would be a deal breaker.

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What did brad spoil? Ive forgotten

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I'm glad to see so much support for the developer with cancer, but it just makes me think about how many people don't have a collection of friends in high places to get the word out about their medical bills. Really bums me out.

And to think there are people who want to bring back the old healthcare system.

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@jz said:

How dare you call a new shaq fu stupid.

patrick and alex are becoming more unlikeable every week.

That's the thing, though. A new Shaq Fu will, under no uncertain terms, be incredibly stupid. But that's also part of the point, as it's a game about Shaq fighting an army of ninjas and who knows what else through the power of martial arts and a flashy smile.

Whether the game is the good kind of stupid or just plain stupid is left to be determined.

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I guess we know who has the cooler girlfriend/wife. Far out, if you don't roll your eyes or groan about the stuff that she likes then that is UNNECESSARY.

Edit: Also that Space Jam exchange was pretty delightful.

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The Simpsons has now been bad for longer than it was good... South Park is as good as ever. So there.

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The entry in the RSS feed for the new episode doesn't point to the MP3.

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That picture is incredibly racist!

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Shaq Fu 2 for EVO yo! But seriously, after hearing about the indiegogo campaign options, Shaq Fu 2 does sound kind of gross.

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@nightriff: it's not in my iTunes either. @patrickklepek

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I had to get rid of all my dvd cases and put them in CD wallets but now I don't know what I own. I have bought movies twice by accident.

Alex, your idea is great.

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Enjoy that last trial. The game's #TruthBullets have sated my desire for more Zero Escape games.

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@hollitz: Wrong. It's dog-gone rope-uh.

Traditional Folk Music is....traditional folk music. Something like Bob Dylan is Contemporary Folk, i.e. part of popular music. Traditional Folk are regional songs passed down in communities and families for many generations for hundreds of years.

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The Huddie "Lead Belly" Ledbetter talk comes as a surprise as I haven't played the second season of The Walking Dead nor have I finished the first season for that matter. I always knew that song as Where Did You Sleep Last Night. I've seen the song listed as "In The Pines" in Ledbetter compilations in the past. Nirvana also covered They Hung Him On a Cross, Ain't It A Shame and Gray Goose found in the Nirvana box set With the Lights Out.

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One of last weeks shows did not show up in Itunes either.

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Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, here is Mo'Shaq!

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@jasius: Can't tell if you're being serious...