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Woop woop!

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Patrick Klepek, anime editor, everyone.

I think the first five minutes of this video refute Jeff's love of Daylight Savings Time.

And Patrick, you have got to play the Ace Attorney games. The plot twists are fucking incredible, and made more satisfying by feeling like you figured it out yourself with the evidence system.

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Anime Vice morning show.

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I never fail to miss these live. Can't wait to listen!

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I had some respect for my wallet when I didn't buy Gone Home for $20 ~ zing ~ but hey to each his own right? I'm a big fan of Metal Gear.

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@humanity said:

I had some respect for my wallet when I didn't buy Gone Home for $20 ~ zing ~ but hey to each his own right? I'm a big fan of Metal Gear.

I was waiting for this to be posted.

Not that it isn't a completely valid thing to say. If the quality of the two hours of Metal Gear is as high as the quality of Gone Home, then saying it's not worth the cost due to length is going to make all the old Gone Home praise much harder to swallow.

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@generic_username and therein lies the rub: that quality is going to be subjectively different for everyone. Gone Home does not resonate with me because I'm simply not a product of those times. On the flipside the first console I bought for my own money was a Playstation 1 and I fell in love with Metal Gear Solid. I have extremely fond memories of that game which help fuel my drive for continuing to play the series. All the cardboard box jokes, the nudie mags, the sound cues, it's a delight for me.

I used to actually get into many arguments with people over the fact that Gone Home is expensive for what you get out of it, simply based on length alone - and Patrick along with many other users refuted that claim because price was apparently irrelevant when placed beside such quality gaming as present in Gone Home.

So color me quite surprised that I see, of all people, Patrick not only saying that a game he hasn't played is not worth it's asking price because of length alone, but going as far as to say "respect your wallet" after encouraging people to spend $20 on a 90 minute experience that amounts to a literal walk through memory lane.

For shame Patrick, you're better than that.

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And Patrick, you have got to play the Ace Attorney games. The plot twists are fucking incredible, and made more satisfying by feeling like you figured it out yourself with the evidence system.

I wholeheartedly second this @patrickklepek. I've only played 1/2 of the first Ace attorney game, but I could tell it was something special even from the little time I spent with it.


I love this show a lot but that theme music on the podcast version isn't my jam. I do have to admit that whenever I hear a garbage truck it reminds me of the show.

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Gone Home is presented as a complete story- no prologues, no DLC. There's an entirely different angle to Metal Gear, where the whole thing is basically a tease. You know and they know that they'll be back for another $60 if you want to finish the story.

As for the Rift, I think putting off a consumer version as long as possible is a good thing. Getting the display and tracking latency low enough and making it mass-producable is a huge battle, but the other part of the equation is actually having a machine that that can output frames quickly enough. When Valve talked about their high-end prototype, they said the bare minimum metrics for 'real' immersion there were a steady 95 frames per second and 2K resolution. Every graphics card refresh that comes out before a consumer version of the Rift hits the shelves makes that easier.

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Come On Patrick.....a dude having sex with a horse is ALWAYS funny. If its something that makes you uncomfortable i have plenty of human/animal copulation humor tolerance pamphlets i could send you.

Just remember, its only not funny if its you.....or your horse.

PS...since you mentioned it.

Ask actors and Hollywood folk why they have to travel to Canada, Australia, and New Zealand to film movies and TV shows now......unions. Ask people who live in Detroit why their city is bankrupt and the auto plants are all outsourced to China and Mexico....unions.

Most big unions are merely political entities who have become detrimental to industry and without their political lobby, they may be virtually extinct. Public sector unions have devolved into criminal enterprises who collude with politicians to launder money and trade favors while leaving cities smothered under their weight. Unions have destroyed the education system by making kids a mere afterthought and pawn of political ambition.

Unions promote the good of their "leadership" over the good of the average joe.

Its a subject i feel strongly about, i apologize for my rant. Ive just seen too much.

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Patrick a day of playing an MMO is not playing an MMO. That's just a waste of time. You have to spend as much time in an MMO as you spent playing Spelunky to appreciate what it does. Some MMO's require you to have skills (like Spelunky) to win. Not saying you should spend a month playing ESOL. There are already well respected MMO's out there that spending a month playing would feel a lot more rewarding then playing a not so good one for a day will provide you. Also play an MMO with friends otherwise you will feel even less enjoyment.

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The first three Ace Attorney games are indeed fantastic. If you've never played any of them before, the first case takes a little while getting into, but give it time. The writing and characters are all top-notch, and the first game probably has some of the most memorable music of all time.

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My favorite moments of this show are when Alex replies and his stream stutters, so you hear a sentence while his face is still-framed, staring dead into your soul, or when he's mid-blink and just looks super disinterested.

I can't wait 'til Patrick gets further in South Park, and really hope no one has spoiled what's to come for him. I reallllly don't think he'll keep playing after a certain point, but I hope he does so we can hear his take on it.

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@ajroo: I hate to break it to you, but those jobs would've been moved regardless if there were unions or not. It's just the nature of the beast why pay US employees X amount when you can pay Y country workers a fraction of X amount of dollars. US is no longer a manufacturing country (and haven't been for the last 20 years) so it was inevitable for those jobs to move to developing nation. It's how globalization works. If you want to blame anything, then blame NAFTA. Even without NAFTA, globalization is inevitable.

And I live in a state in which public sector unions is illegal and let me tell you unions aren't the reason why education has gone to crap. The states in which teachers unions are illegal or have very little power (Texas, Virginia, Arizona, South Carolina, etc) all rank below the national average of 188.5 in SAT/ACT rankings. Arizona ranking dead last (average score half the national average). Also, Wisconsin a state in which the big battle over unions is happening is ranked 11th in SAT/ACT scores. So hate to break it to ya, but unions ain't the problem there either. And consistently this has been the case for these states in the last 10 years of records.

Not saying there's a need for unionization everywhere, but some of your reasons against it are clearly wrong and misinformation. Unions helped created a middle class that is slowly disappearing, national labor laws, and set the standard for affordable healthcare and retirement for other non-unionized industries to follow. There's a balance cause going all in one direction or the other is not the answer.

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My gran is 92 years old and still drives without any trouble. City, highway, the whole bit. Grampa also drove right up until the end, but with him it was definitely getting dangerous that last year or two.

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I will buy Metal Gar, but I probably get more out of MGS games than most because I like to find everything. I have played through MGS4 upwards of 10 times for that reason.

(Also you can kinda blast through that game if you know what you're doing.)