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I still haven't finished Dark Souls 1. =[ Rang the first bell, but haven't reached the second yet.

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Yeah. People suck.

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Yeah, I kinda expected Yoshi's New Island to be that lackluster. They weren't touting any new features or anything in the trailers, so yeah, giant surprise, it's the same game with kinda easier, less interesting levels.

I expect Kirby: Triple Deluxe to have a similar fate, similar to Kirby's Return to Dreamland, in that they're gonna be kinda average Kirby games that nobody will talk about. The Kirby series really shines when they do weird shit with it, like many of the DS Kirby games (which were everything from rolling platformers to basically Pikmin) or Kirby's Epic Yarn (which was wicked boring to play but had really clever art). When Nintendo makes a regular ass Kirby game like Triple Deluxe or Return to Dreamland, they kinda stick too close to formula.

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The people are why I stopped playing Chivalry, which REALLY bums me out because it's a game I really want to play but it just gets absorbed by crappy people. It'd be awesome if they had a single player of any kind just so I could play it.

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I dunno, people in online games have never really bothered me. Maybe because I sorta grew up in a time when online shooters were becoming more mainstream. I used to get aggravated and harass people back but dumb people will just keep going and going because that is their idea of fun. The shitty people they hang out with probably do that back and forth when they play locally because they're dumb. I kinda just learned to mute everyone and ignore them. People will teabag you still but its kinda funny to see someone start to teabag you and then get killed because they're not paying attention. Either way I, personally, don't find it difficult to ignore people being shitty so I'm fine with multiplayer games. Also even if you play on a team with other people you know that doesn't stop the other team from being a bunch of fuckheads.

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People being dicks is the reason I always mute others in public matches. I can only be called a "faggot" so many times...

As for Titanfall's "story" mode, I think Jeff said it best when he called it a radio show.

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I doubt the South Park guys will make another game because of how many years it took them to do this one, but yeah I'm kind of with Patrick I'd definitely be interested in what game they could make that wasn't South Park. I think their contract for the show is for another 3-4 seasons or so, even though it's only 10 episodes per season, but I've heard them say that they still love doing the show and feel like they can do whatever they want on it so as long as they're doing TV stuff I think they'll stick with the show. Who knows they might do another Broadway show.

Not only does Campo Santo have Olly Moss, but also Jane(last name escapes me) who was Lead Artist on Double Fine's The Cave and also made art for Stacking & Brutal Legend. With the two of them this game should look phenomenal.

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Unsubscribing because this video was 1:11:10. Please reupload this video with one extra second.

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@cuuniyevo: "Rang the first bell, but haven't reached the second yet." - I'm very sorry but...that's what she said.

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If you play Titanfall on PC people aren't quite as infantile, Alex.

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You can totally get rid of Dire aids. Just talk to the lady in the clinic in Ottawa, and she'll tell you "You still have AIDS, but it's less dire. Like Magic Johnson AIDS". the in-game debuff goes away at that point.

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Now I want to go in the lost woods so I can get dire aids... I think everyone should have aids.

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@patrickklepek@alex You guys should load up Stick of Truth again and go to Stan's room and look around the middle of the room for the invitation to the "blood orgy" in the forest. Not going to ruin it for you, but start at Kenny's house and follow the directions after you first step into the forest (Right, Up, Right, Down, Right)

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I'm sorry, something really doesn't make sense. Patrick, if you were used to Dark Souls with a 360 controller, why didn't you just get it on 360??

And while I acknowledge I like the 360 controller more than the DS3 as well, I really have no trouble swapping between them. It seems like this site, with the exception of Ryan, were real drama queens about it, but not once in his praise of The Last of Us or other PS3 games did I hear whining about "Oh I wish I was using the 360 controller."

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@icantbestopped: Yeah, most of the GB staff are definitely big drama queens about the difference between controllers. Sure, the analog sticks feel slightly different between the 360 controller and the DS3, but both controllers are totally fine. The only glaring issue is the completely horrendous d-pad on the regular 360 controller.

I'm not going to sit here telling them that their opinion on controllers is wrong, but I will sit here and say that they're being babies about it and both controllers are more or less the same.

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All this renewed talk about Yoshi's Island finally convinced me to do some of my own investigation into the matter. I might write up my "findings" in a blog post but the short version is Patrick is kinda right and so is Jeff. Kinda pleasantly surprised about it actually.

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I wish that new Yoshi game looked like the art on the cover or promotional materials. It just kinda looks like junk.