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There we go!

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Straight Scoops n' da Wolfn' it. Mainlining Infamous in their spare time, solving crimes, taking names, and droppin' casts. Awwww yeeeah.


yup yup

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Ahhh that Susperia shirt. I had the good fortune of seeing Goblin play the live score at Housecore Horror Fest.

Great episode, duders!

Sidenote: Phantasm II

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Oh, Oculus.

I feel like, once Facebook realizes people aren't actually interested in strapping on a god damn cyber helmet to talk to the friends most of them don't even want to video conference with (because even that is too much trouble), they're going to shrug their shoulders, say "well, I guess you can only use this thing for games-- too bad that's a crowded market now," and shit-can the company, getting most of their 2 billion back anyway through some kind of shady technicality.


They made their choice.

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Well the Eden of the East/Summer Wars anime future is well on its way...

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I think that Yee guy was trying to make selling M rated games to kids a criminal charge, and I believe the GB crew talked about that will pretty much makes game stores stop carrying M rated games which will lead to M rated games not being made altogether.

And the whole arms deal thing is with him having some connection to a Russia (Moscow?) arms dealer, so yea rocket launchers probably aren't too far off.

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Iron Keep was probably my favorite area in the game. I had no issues with it really. Except the optional boss. He took a bit.

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Anyone who goes against the multibillion dollar industry doesn't end up well. Pretty much true of everything.

Also, Leland Yee was described as a "crusader for gun control."

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That bit about the PS4 port of TLoU was gold, gentlemen.

@soimadeanaccount: That bit about arms trafficking was more about Yee being the gatekeeper to someone else that had direct access to the individual selling arms out of the Philippines' Mindanao region via a source of theirs in the army. So, while Yee wasn't exactly larping Lord of War or anything, his involvement was still critical to the trafficking process-- in this case, putting the undercover agent "buyer" in direct contact with the point person-- and therefore will likely (hopefully) be going to prison.

@ilikepopcans: Does it upset you that Patrick happens to have found a game he's really passionate about?

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@alex If you can play Civilization, you can play Galactic Civilizations. It's not nearly as dauntingly complex as some make it out to be, especially in the grand pantheon of 4X strategy games. That being said, apparently this early access alpha of Gal Civ III is super early (the game is coming out sometime early next year) and missing a bunch of features, so you might be better off just grabbing yourself a copy of the second game on steam instead.

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@fushichou187: Yes, how dare Patrick like something that he feels the need to talk about it all the time. That is cool. I'm am just tired of listen to people talking about Dark Souls. Does that answers your sarcastic question?

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My disagreement with the Oculus buyout lies purely in the fact that it's now a Facebook product. Simple as that. I'm sure it is going to work correctly and there will be great games that use Oculus VR but Facebook is absolutely not something that I want any association with. We should wait and see how this bullshit decision plays out? No thank you!

Sayonara Oculus. Get bent.

Also that dumb dude that hated GTA but got busted for selling rocket launchers is a hole.

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Wait, Iron Galaxy is doing Killer Instinct Season 2? That's an awesome fit.

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Oh go on, add a "Tech talk, with Patrick and Alex"!

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Damn, are you really talking about Mark Zuckerberg for the majority of the show? I'll have to skip this one.

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Leland Yee to voice a character in sleeping dogs 2?

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@spraynardtatum: You know that this reasoning sounds completely bonkers to others, right?

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@willy105 said:

@spraynardtatum: You know that this reasoning sounds completely bonkers to others, right?

It's bonkers to not buy something because of the company that is selling it? Okay...

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This is obviously late, but just saw the last part of this episode. There are, in fact, legal issues involved in selling equity in a Kickstarter-type program. There are huge money laundering issues; analysis of the crowdfunding rules can be found here: http://www.lexology.com/library/detail.aspx?g=1749dfe8-8946-466c-9fe2-a920e7f83118