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Nintendo already turned a dark corner when it decided the Year of Luigi was a good thing.

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Year of monetization!

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This is maybe one of the best free to play games I've ever tried. LOL

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8 Years in Human Years, 56 in Dog years!

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What Amazon is doing with the multitude of pilots is actually the exact opposite of how House of Cards was made. A pilot is made with the intent to draw viewers in so they will want to continue to watch the series. Doing this with only one episode forces the producers, writers, etc, to showcase all of the shows potential cast of characters, their motivations, and intent without any build up. House of Cards was ok'd without a pilot allowing the show to tell it's story without introducing every character in the first episode. In my opinion this adds to the story as a new character being introduced mid season adds questions of their motives and role in the overall story.

Well that was quite the rant about a conversation that took place over two minutes but I typed it all up so might as well post it.

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Alex's reaction to that brain fart was awesome haha.

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Also so glad that the PAX panel will be live this year, and Alex should totally do more livestreaming stuff.

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The Polaris podcast talks a lot about how that Game_Jam thing went to hell: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NH5fgcrQsU8

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The morning shows keep getting better.

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2048 is in the news because it's popular, period. It is newsworthy because of that popularity, and it doesn't matter if it is derivative of Threes because non-gamers don't know or care.

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All that great talking about Rusty's Real Deal Baseball and yet the game linked to this episode is Dark Souls II?

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Rusty's Real Deal Baseball sounds like a system seller to me. God dammit I want a 3DS so bad.

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Hah that Rusty's Baseball thing sounds proper bonkers. Love the idea. God bless Nintendo.

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Man everyone talks about how 2048 is so easy, but I guess I am just dumb because I can't seem to get past 512.

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Facebook is the worst...a dollar to get your message into someones inbox...THAT'S SO GROSS

Posted by emjaylawthertin

Total speculation, but:

Amy goes to EA to work on Star Wars. Visceral Games. A not-soon-to-be-released thing.

... Star Wars 1313?

That might be rad.

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Facebook is the worst...a dollar to get your message into someones inbox...THAT'S SO GROSS

Really comes off that way, but I've never had to message anyone that's not on my friends list so I've never dealt with it -- which is probably the same for most people. I'd wager it's also helped to combat spam, too.