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I can't stop looking at Patrick's lip...

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Strokin' With Scoops.

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@polliwog said:

I can't stop looking at Patrick's lip...

Damn chapped lip!

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Poor baby at the lake house

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Either the content servers are getting slammed or something has broken. Chrome is telling me this will take 14 hours to download.

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Scooooooooooooops...and the wolf!

I hope this one hour of GTA V talk only.

EDIT: For some weird reason I keep double posting (using Firefox), and posting takes unusually long...anything I can do to fix that?

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@mister_v: Same here, I cancelled my download. Hopefully it'll be up on youtube soon. Or I'll just try to stream a low bitrate version from here.

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@mister_v: Same here, I cancelled my download. Hopefully it'll be up on youtube soon. Or I'll just try to stream a low bitrate version from here.

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@mister_v: Same here, I cancelled my download. Hopefully it'll be up on youtube soon. Or I'll just try to stream a low bitrate version from here.

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I don't get why people shit on the PSP titles, they played exactly the same as the PS2 titles, with no loss of quality, and you got to take it with you. They were awesome (though mostly exactly the same as GTA III)

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I collected all of the clusters. They show up on the map so when I finished the game and had like 900 I just made waypoints to the ones I didn't get.

The GTA IV pigeons were annoying because firing your weapon would alert the cops.

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holy shit the duplicate posts jesus christ

Posted by patrickklepek

@5figh said:

holy shit the duplicate posts jesus christ

We are aware. Cleaning them up now.

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I kiiinda don't care about Grand Theft Auto V. Looks like a neat story, and I love the idea of three protagonists, but I don't know... not really hyped for it.

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What kills these things is that Patrick doesn't really react to much of what Alex is saying. They're more just taking turns talking than having a conversation most of the time. I don't know if it's a technical issue or what, but when Patrick takes way too long after Alex finishes a point to say anything, it comes off like he isn't listening or interested.

Not a Patrick-hater or anything. Don't lump me in with those creeps. Just an honest reaction.

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Patrick's headphones aren't on straight, and/or the earcup on his right side is off-axis. It's been like this forever and it's messing with my brain.

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@smokepants: Did you skip past the first couple minutes? Patrick was on dodgy WiFi today, and actually predicted there would be weird lag. The other installments definitely haven't gone like this.

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Robocod on Amiga is the only James Pond game worth playing, all the ports were terrible

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The look of abject terror on Alex's face when he realizes that Patrick disconnected is downright horrifying.

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I love this show. I wish it was every weekday even though that might be too much.

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I just wish people could enjoy the GTA games for what they are, and accept valid criticism about them. The current reaction to Carolyn's review at GameSpot is just... absolutely insane and absolutely indefensible.

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So now that you've done two a week for a number of weeks, is there a possibility that number will go back down to one or is it pretty much set? I do not in any way want to take away anything from this feature but having it on Mondays and Fridays seems a bit too frequent to me. Or rather it seems like for certain weeks there isn't enough crazy stuff happening to react to that couldn't have been done on the following Monday.

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The "different culture around games" are just people being PUSSIES!

Posted by RonGalaxy

"We don't like it when people judge things before they experience them, so watch us do it for an hour!"

Posted by AngriGhandi

I'm uneasy about how much "early access" has started shifting the burden of game development onto the consumer.

It seems like a hypocritical way of deflecting criticism by saying a game "isn't done" and therefore can't be judged-- while still accepting people's money for it in a way that some would call indistinguishable from accepting money for a completed game!

It's silly. If you're charging people money for something, then it can be evaluated and reviewed to determine whether or not it's worth their money.

If you don't want that to happen, don't charge money for it yet.

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