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Kameo sucks. People "like" it so much because they hold on to loving Rare and have the equivalent of beer goggles with the game.

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Man, weird that they don't think there is an incredible game that come out this year. The Last of Us is my game of the generation and Gone Home is also pretty amazing .

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I thought ahead and preordered at my local job. I will be clocking out at closing and even with a preorder , going to wait in line for midnight.

I have been doing it pre-ps2 days , even with preorders. It's the fun to hang out with people in line and talk about gaming. It's like waiting in line for a panel at PAX. Always interesting the people you can run into.

Then off to target for some b2g1 deals.

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@sammo21 said:

Kameo sucks. People "like" it so much because they hold on to loving Rare and have the equivalent of beer goggles with the game.

Kameo is fine. It was pretty good as a launch game and it holds up "OK". It's not amazing or anything but it's hardly terrible.

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I think someone has paid Giant Bomb to talk about Kameo as much as possible these few weeks.

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Patrick...please stop

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Patrick on Uncharted. I'm sure it'll be great, and it will be really pretty, but ehhh.

Don't like really great games that are pretty?

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The visuals don't correspond, but Patrick's description of Master Reboot's premise reminded me a lot of Caprica.

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I feel compelled to say two things about Mass Effect:

One: With the Extended Cut free DLC, Mass Effect 3's ending is totally acceptable, and that game overall becomes great. (See Brad's GOTY 2012.)

Two: The Mass Effect universe as left at the end of the "destroy" ending of Mass Effect 3 would be an incredible setting for a video game of almost any genre, with the potential to tell a million different stories, Star-Trek-style, if they just leave the apocalyptic melodrama behind and move forward with the interesting situation they've created.

I really, really hope they do the right thing with the next Mass Effect game. Because that universe is so much better than anything else in big-budget games. It needs to live on!

For real.

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@drakesfortune: I know what he means. Uncharted 3 was considered "great" and "pretty" by most folks, but... ehhh. I loved 2, but it'll take something special to get me to care after 3.

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Rough draft.... twitter.... That's not how twitter works, Patrick. It's all about the bite size. There's no context. It's not much more than a burp.

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Hey, who's thaaaaat?

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The argument for Kameo makes as much sense as the argument for Yoshi's World, lol.

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weeeee! I love this show

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kameo is average i do think people think its better then it is.best thing is not go back play it otherwise might ruin memories of it i recently played zone of enders 1 after having found memories of it in past. i found camera to be annoying.

only best games stand up to test of time for example metal gear solid

do remember waiting in line at game station shop in UK for PlayStation 2 for 6 hours in pouring rain only to be told once got inside that all had left was memory cards and controllers really devastated, but it taught me important lesson don't wait in line for stuff when can get it online and not get wet.

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This is probably the longest I have ever heard anyone talk about Kameo.

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Nice Smashing Pumpkins box set in the back.

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I think Address the Sess uses Google hangouts better.

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Sean Vanaman, Jake Rodkin, Greg Kasavin, Jeff Cannata, Nels Anderson all in one Bombin' the AM?!


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@meatsim: You should watch Brad's extra life charity stream!

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I played Kameo for the first time a month ago... and it's fine. You aren't going to confuse it with Banjo-Kazooie though.

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COLUMBO reference!

My favorite show of all time.

Just FYI, Peter Falk didnt actually have a lazy eye, it was in truth, a glass eye. He lost he real eye as a young child.

The world misses that man.

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Well, Alex, I went and watched that Rambo trailer. It does not look like an original XBox game, it actually looks okay. It does look like a light gun game, so I probably won't play it, and, lastly, it wasn't really an experience. Just a floating gun shooting a bunch of dudes in various scenes, much like many of the games we have today.

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When are you gonna get Dave Lang on this? I just want to see him yell about stuff.

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hey look! giant bomb crapping on sony ONCE AGAIN!

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I'll admit it...the top image for this show not looking like Patrick - at all - is starting to annoy me. I'm not sure why he has to look like Mr. Magoo having an epileptic seizure.