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Howling in the morning.

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@patrickklepek At around 2.26 in Sony's new PS4 trailer there's a shot of 'The Last of Us' DLC? Could that confirm that a PS4-version is on the way?

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Patrick's reaction to the pirate hat was priceless.

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Amazon is killing me, or UPS. I'm not sure who to blame but I'll keep waiting...

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I'm not much of a basketball fan but NBA 2K14 looks pretty impressive.

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A darker Uncharted is a tough balance to reach. One of the major complaints about the series was that it was such a fun character, who was a mass murderer.

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"Check out all these games son! I got PS4 games for dayzzzz!"

Thanks for getting up early to do this Patrick.

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Can't wait for the EU launch!

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Wow, awesome Joey! Giant Bomb reppin' hard for launch!

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Amazon delivered my PS4 at 12:18pm. I was in the potty and missed the knock but then saw (mostly heard, actually) the truck driving away, and chased it down, half dressed....flailing my arms....i wasnt letting it get away.

Its just like Christmas....and UPS was Santa.

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The thing that I loved the most about South Park this week was that I think thematically it's a taste of what Stick of Truth is going to be, I'm really pumped to get my hands on that game next year.

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He got dat Knack, son. Damn!

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I was number 42 on the list at my local EB Games and had no issue getting one. That's not to say there weren't many people buying, because there were, but there was a lot of stock. Probably more than any other console launch in memory, there are a lot of PS4's dropping this day. At least up here in Vancouver, BC. I've been to my share of launches and I never seen so much supply before. And not just consoles, games and peripherals. If you wanted something, you could get it.

We'll see what the numbers say though.

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It's been said before but the Patrick/Alex combo works so goddamn well that I could listen to them talk for hours.

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"IT HAS BEGUN!" - Shang Klepek

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Patrick's personality brings the best in Alex and their interplay is good.

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About the Uncharted thing, I'm thinking it might be an original Francis Drake story...
because pirate are so hot right now!

Why? because nothing in the trailer gave any impression of being modern... but as we said... who knows.

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Making it rain PS4 games!

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The PS4 is going to be fucking incredible.

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Dig that scale Rodin sculpture on your shelf in the back, Alex!

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@thomascro: It's already there man! I've been playing all weekend.

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The outdated payment thing is EXACTLY what happened to me, and my delivery date changed to Monday, but I was still able to get it on Saturday morning. I wasn't home on Friday, so it wasn't that big a deal, but it felt a bit like Christmas when the post office called me yesterday morning to tell me that I had a package waiting.

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The European launch can't come quick enough, as for a darker Uncharted I'm with Alex in that I like the tone the series has taken so far much like the tone of Indiana Jones which I love those early movies.

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YAY I GOT A MENTION ON THE BEGINNING OF THE EPISODE!! Thanks Alex! It was great to meet you, Jeff, Brad and GameCop Giancarlo Varanini last Monday. :D

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It would be rad if the new Uncharted was akin to Uncharted in general feel and ideas, but was more about actual exploration and discovery, and had an open world like AC4 or Far Cry 2/3.

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Alex I couldn't agree with you more on Uncharted, I'm still up for more Nathan Drake. Then again maybe I'm an oddity because 25 years later Zelda still isn't stale for me and I've played them all. In general I prefer a lighthearted series to a more dark grim post apocalyptic future that's dominated the gaming scene this entire generation. I get where Patrick is coming from but they do have two teams. Allowing them to explore and stretch their creative muscles in new and interesting ways.

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It continues to baffle me as to how intelligent people like Brad and Alex can get anything out of South Park.

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Collector/HD/Anniversary editions of Uncharted 1-3 and The Last of Us for the PS4 seem a foregone conclusion, not just possible. I think remastered versions of PS3 era games are going to be even more common than the PS2 era HD-remasters, particularly with the more developer-friendly architecture of the PS4 in comparison.

I still haven't played Mass Effect 3, and my hope is to see a complete remastered Mass Effect Trilogy release in a year or two. Heck, just having PS3/X360 games rendering at 1080p60 can still be a very impressive experience, so they won't have the same issues that many PS2 HD remasters had, as far as aspect ratios, field of view and fundamental art assets.