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Posted by Nomin

This really sets up barely nothing about the game, Perhaps it has much to do with hoping to go viral than actually doing a by the numbers trailer.

Posted by IanYarborough

That woman had dead, dead eyes.

Posted by paulunga

Does the first part of this remind anyone else of the Deus Ex Human Revolution trailer? Except WAAAYY shittier?

Also, whoever was responsible for the general design seems to be stuck in the 90s. That chick looks something that would fit right in with Doom and Duke Nukem.

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Is this for real?

Because this garbage trailer and even MORE garbage character design looks like it just jumped off the cover box art for a video card, circa 1998-2002.

Posted by Yummylee

Looks like that punk hacker lady from Watch Dogs has already gotten herself a spin-of series.

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Posted by Ravelle

@psylah said:

Man, this is some last gen looking shit. Animations, textures, geez.

Also, she is just a lady Duke? Come on.

I've got Ovaries of steeeeeeel.

Posted by Zevvion

I guess I'll have to admit it sometime: I'm a scumbag. I'm not opposed to the character design.

That said, as far as game goes, everything about it screamed 'poor' to me.

Posted by ArsenalFan

Where are the consumers who want to buy this product? 3D realms would only ever have a chance selling games to the hardcore segment to begin with, and take a look at the comments above, they aren't buying what 3D Realms is selling.

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Let me guess, Bionic Commanda? A lame trailer from a lame company.

Posted by geirr

I'm honestly excited for this! ...assuming it comes out.

I love ridiculous and cheesy games.


Posted by WesleyWyndam

Wow, that looked terrible in every conceivable way. I wouldn't even buy this on a steam sale.

Posted by Cybexx

The random explosions are metaphors for global warming. They are behind her as she is driving away, she is America burning fossil fuels while ignoring 97.1% of scientific opinion.

Or the explosions are just there to make the trailer look cool, but really I think the political allegory is pretty obvious.

Posted by paisan13

Wow, this was probably the single most lifeless game trailer I've seen in the last 10 years, could still be fun, but I will certainly not hold my breath for this one.

Posted by Nictel

Wow, that looked terrible in every conceivable way. I wouldn't even buy this on a steam sale.

Well you gotta admit for a Unreal 2 Engine game this looks ok.

Posted by sonicrift

Great trailer. I like the part where nothing happens.

I feel like the intention of this trailer was that I'm now supposed to have a throbbing erection, but I don't. Somehow?

And that glass?! It's just clear. It's like a flat, clear cylinder.

Posted by ADAMWD

Those animations looked so stiff and robotic.

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@turboman said:

What was that dialog at the end?

Seriously was that an outtake or what? Because that sounded like an outtake.

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@psylah said:

Man, this is some last gen looking shit. Animations, textures, geez.

Also, she is just a lady Duke? Come on.

I didn't mind the look of the textures myself, but you're totally right about the animation. There is something "funky" about that walk cycle. Way too rigid.

I like the idea of a lady Duke Nukem though.

Posted by Lanechanger

I thought you guys were joking but wow this is actually so awfully presented.

Posted by Dberg

She's a cool looking lady Duke Nukem, but man, the animations are horrid. They remind me of early CG cutscenes like in Fire Warrior and stuff where people are super stilted.

Posted by spilledmilkfactory

What the fuck did I just watch? Glad to see 3D Realms continue to produce games with all the sensibility and skill of an 11-year-old.

Posted by VierasTalo

I love how the bike doesn't even seem to be moving.

Posted by ShaggE

It kills me to say this, as I love Interceptor and think they've got an incredible future ahead of them, but this... this looks rough. Not in the crazy, fun way ROTT is rough, either. It's just a teaser, so I'm not going to definitively write it off (in fact, I kind of have to play it, because what the fuck?), but my hopes are not at all high.

Posted by MACog

Man it looks 12 years old.

Posted by Rowr

Why is this trailer made to emulate a Nvidia tech demo.

Looking forward to playing this in 11 years when it's released.

Posted by NoodleUnit

Even in death, Duke Nukem Forever development continues! Hahaha!

Posted by ToTheNines

I was meh until the killer cheesy guitar riff came at me, now I'm sold on the idea.

It does look old though! But that can be endearing..

Posted by KyleBsure

my face was totally unprepared for that

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That told me nothing about the game, yet everything I need to know.

Posted by Itwongo

This is the worst teaser I've ever seen.

Posted by ejiehi

This needs to be 100% more anime to even begin to work.

Posted by madlands

Why would I prepare my face? Is John Romero about to make me his bitch?

Posted by chilipeppersman

@psylah: yeah....this is one of the worst trailers for a videogame I have ever seen. Everything in this just looked half done. no way this is current gen...no way.

Posted by daltimond

See it in 2025, after this voice actress completely regrets doing this game and has to deal with it like the Ghost of Christmas Past.

Posted by Klager

This is 0% badass and 100% sad.

Posted by aCTito

Jesus christ...3D Realms...Are you like 12? Get out of here with that shit.

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Did they revive a some writer and animator from 11 years ago? What is going on.

Posted by CrystaljDesign
@brianp said:

Exposed mechanical arm, "no fate", riding on a motorcycle with a shotgun. Anything else they feel like ripping off from Terminator 2?

Yup, and if it was 1998 it would still feel overused and outdated! How about some Evil Dead 2 and Army of Darkness quotes while we're at it?

Posted by believer258

Is her husband in that arm?

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Looking forward to this quick look

Posted by manbot47

Everything about this looks cheap, old, stiff, amateur, and completely out of touch. I don't want to be too mean (but i'm about to be) but that looked like trash.

Posted by Lazyaza

Man I've seen some terrible graphics and poorly animated bullcrap that's crammed way too far up its own ass before but geezus. Do the guys working on this not have any self awareness / talent whatsoever?

That character design is fucking atrocious, I'm in utter awe of just how bad it is. It's like a kid from the mid 90s scribbled a bunch of crap on some paper and they based a character off that.

Posted by Viking_Funeral

Apparently everyone beat me to saying this looks like a hot reveal from the beginning of last gen. So instead I'll just bemoan the fact that the reveal was way too long. *Doing my civic internet duty*

Posted by datarez

The trailer here looks like a college student's demo reel. As a top down shooter at least it's something other than a FPS.

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@shivoa said:

Speaking of 2002. That's when this game was originally announced. Scott Miller was happy chatting about it to Gama all the way back then, as reported here.

12 years. I'm not sure there's any evidence that any of the design/ethos has been updated since.

This just went from kind of dumb to tragic.

"Duke is the first white male action hero. No other character will ever have a chance knocking Duke off his particular pedestal, because it's better to be first than it is to be better (a key concept of positioning)."

Scott Miller will always be an important figure in the history of gaming for helping to embrace shareware and encourage Id's technical development via Apogee, but the dude just seems like kind of an idiot when it comes to the art stuff.

And apparently "Bombshell" was supposed to be another character in Duke Nukem Forever. Does anybody know if she even made it into that final game?

Posted by friendlypossum

That was....oh man, that was terrible.

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I look forward to not playing it in 15 years. I am not one to wish for the death of a development house, but anybody working at 3d Realms needs to cut and run.