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What is

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Aw yeah!

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The horror. The horror.

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Nothing can survive the voice of The Shoemaker!

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The Voice!

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Brad Shoemaker. obstructing forward progress since 2008.

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@schmid: ghjk

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I am become Brad, Destroyer of Mikes.

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Atone for your sins, Brad. 
Is this why there's no Quick Looks today? I've decided that's why there's no Quick Looks today. 

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I love this! more of this please!

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@schmid said:


well done

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The evil of Shoemaker the Mighty Destroyer of microphones and Champion of Wrecking the same have no bounds! No limits! It will consume all of our microphones! Hide yer microphones and yer children, lest neither will live to see another day!

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Microphone wreck micro microphone wreckaaa

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Shoemaker the micbreaker.

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video content!

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is it coming out of his wages ;-)



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back and to the left, back.. and to the left

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Have I mentioned how much I love Giant Bomb recently?

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I bet he doesn't even make shoes.

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Who is the chick in the back

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Cool Baby is looking fabulous on Vinny's desk.

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Brad broke another mic?!

Not cool, dude.


how much?

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Who is the chick in the back

Your mom.

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microphone check one two what is this

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he totally fuckin broke it with his shoe aswell WAT A LOSER

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Who is the chick in the back

comic vine's Sara Lima.

you must be new.

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How expensive are those mics that fixing it is more reasonable than just getting a new one?

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More like Shoebreaker.

Am I right? Anyone?

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I can empathize with Brad. Trying to be a good guy and accidentally breaking something. Then the feeling of pure shame after. It'll be ok Brad.

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I noticed the audio quality was better on the check v mate quick look

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anyone welse miss the VIDEO THING bump?

I miss the VIDEO THING bump.

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One way to try and get rid of the chest hair sound is to take some paper wrap it into a cone shape and make a pocket for the mic to rest it. Than tape it to the body with the pocket pointing upwards. This method has worked for me but I don't know if you guys have tried it already. Thought I would try and help.

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This nearly makes up for the lack of content today.

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More like Shoebraker.

Am I right? Anyone?


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Brad is for the people. He was sick of the HOT MICs

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Damn it, Brad. This is why we CAN'T HAVE NICE THINGS!

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Are they expensive or something?

The giantbomb crew just got mac book airs, a million x-boxes, ps3's, wii's, vita's and ds's, tv's, monitors, tri casters, an entire studio.

Come on guys, just buy another microphone.

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@hamdj3 said:

Who is the chick in the back

Your mom.

Quoted For Truth.

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@paulwade1984: It's a joke. They already bought a new one. This is mostly done for laughs.

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Is it a nerve thing that makes Brad always put his hands behind his head when being filmed at his desk?

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pulling a brad

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