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Posted by LarryDavis

All Brad does is sit in the jungle and talk about hats.

Posted by Tr0n

@scotto: Time to get into it. Embrace it!

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I wish Brad talked to everybody like he talks to his guinea pigs.

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Every time I hear about DOTA 2 I think about how Dan called the Invitational the "Reptar invitational" in one of the quick looks. hahaha

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@y2ken said:

Oh, and @brad - set aside 10-20 minutes and sort your inventory out. You'll be all the better off for it. I'd recommend leaving Page 1 blank as well because it makes finding your new stuff (and unpacking things) easier.

The problem with that is if you then sort by any of the sort options (by hero, rarity, type, etc) you lose all your original manual sorting work. I did this and lost my user sort order (and it took me far longer than 20 minutes to get my list curated in the way I liked - which included an empty P1 too). I wish there was an option to save user initiated placement of items but in the mean-time I've had to stick to the infernal filter options instead.

Posted by ZagZagovich
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Wow brad. Wow. Didn't even buy the BEST KUNKKA SET IN THE ENTIRE WORLD? Uninstall dota Brad!

Posted by bigwinnerx

The D3 leg drop sound still wins for me. But, the Dota item sound is pretty good.

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Skipped straight to guinea pigs... The lighter colored one looked exactly like my first pet "Podge"... RIP Podge... I miss the little fella

tuned out as soon as DOTA began...

Posted by konig_kei

Need permanent peeg cam 24/7 stream or at least have a window in the dota videos that has peeegs..................

Posted by NoobSauceG7

Daily piggie premium content please

Posted by melodiousj

Oh my god, that thumbnail is perfect. My day is officially made. Thank you, Giant Bomb.

Posted by fanboyjustin

this is why i love giantbomb!!!!

Posted by darkest4

Wtf Brad's luck is incredible.

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Brad at times makes it seem like throwing money at cosmetics is key to the Dota 2 experience.

Let's not forget it isn't. It's just for people like Brad.

Posted by Viking_Funeral

Came for the DotA, stayed for the guinea pigs.

Posted by ionkinetic

Unprofessional sound leveler. BAD CHAT

Posted by Overbite

Did you know that you can eat guinea pigs? it's true~

Posted by Kayrack

the ultimate piggies

Posted by TheManWithNoPlan

Brad's guinea pigs are adorable.

Posted by anbilow

God damn it, Brad. Stop making me want to play DOTA.

Posted by mrsmiley

@californiapants said:

1:24:00 for hot piggie action

this is all you need

thank you kindly, sir. i came here for the piggies.

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Oh man, your Gwen the Guinea Pig looks a lot like my Gwen the Guinea Pig.

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The pigs are scared because they know you will never change your power treads off of strength. Also, you need to buy the LC arcana and stream a couple games with it. And then with the Lina arcana. In fact, we need a game for each thing you own, Brad. We deserve it. You deserve it. The whole world deserves it.

Posted by Matoyak

God dammit Brad talking to his Guinea Pigs is adorable. Also makes me remember back to when I was a kid and my sis had three of 'em. They're pretty cute animals. :3

Posted by Tokamak


Warning: You Are Broadcasting an IP Address!

Buy Dota cleaner Pro to secure your PC from unwanted Dotas.

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@brad .... what did I just watch, exactly?

Posted by Loki

If 2 hours of video content consisting of opening Dota chests followed by baby talking at guinea pigs doesn't prove Giant Bomb is at the forefront of innovation in web content, I don't know what does.

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Came for the piggies, but got tricked into watching some dota and 8've got a question. Why is Brad clicking the mouse like crazy even when his character isn't doing anything? My only guess is that he's trying to keep busy so his character doesn't attack too much and draw agro?

Posted by Lydian_Sel

That's some quality piggy action. Subscription renewed!

Posted by Naoiko

Loved the part with the guinea pigs. Reminded me of the ones I had as a kid, and totally made my day. Thanks dude!

Posted by PrettyGoodCake

I don't play dota, but it looks like you guys got rolled. Guinea Pigs win all, though.

Posted by Fitzgerald

It's plainly obvious that Clockwerk is a robot.

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like the how we have the puppy bowl now, one day there will be a piggie international.

Posted by thebadnews

Some really terrible plays early in that match they played, not brads/pascauls fault

no comms no wards

Posted by SpaceCouncil

what is DOTA? is it a cat?

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Welcome back to the real world Bradxx0r!!

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Why was one of those sets autographed by Cersei Lannister?

Posted by BisonHero

Hearing Brad's "talking to pet" voice was absolutely adorable.

Posted by GeneralBison

Wow, Brad has some early-mid 90s ass computer speakers