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hello i love hats

Posted by csl316

what is this game

Posted by dream431ca


Posted by Bordering


Posted by Jack_Lafayette

This stream was hard-carried by those guinea pigs.

Posted by CaliforniaPants

1:24:00 for hot piggie action

Posted by thefriend

Golden Piggie Courier spotted. Also Gabe.

Posted by sigbert

Hat talk is always welcome. Those guinea pigs are super adorable Brad. It nice to know everyone uses that same tone of voice to talk to the piggies.

Posted by loller432

I would rather watch 2 hours of guinea pigs than 2 hours of dota 2, just sayin!

Posted by Jellybones

Piggies AND dota? I'm sold.

Posted by Goomba_Stomper

I was just wondering what to do tonight when Brad crashed through midlane

Posted by MikaelBoogart

OMG guinea piggie! ♥♥♥

Posted by Irvandus

Don't get guinea pigs. It's a trick those assholes are work. That being said mine, Lil Wrex and Thrall are fun to have around.

Posted by Pilecki

I was promised Piggies! 30 seconds in and you're not delivering!!

Posted by BuzzBR

You're super loud, Brad.

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@irvandus said:

Don't get guinea pigs. It's a trick those assholes are work. That being said mine, Lil Wrex and Thrall are fun to have around.

Oh yes it's not so much you having pet guinea pigs as you signing on to be guinea pig servant for 4-6ish years. My god the mess of hay and waste production! Bad as rabbits. o__o

Posted by Casty

I'd take a Shoemaker Guinea Pig Webcam check-in every Unprofessional Fridays.

Posted by Efesell

I care way more about Dota fashion than actual Dota.

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Golden doomling? Holy fuck...

Posted by toots

i think if i entered a room and heard the word poop, i'd be more intrigued than if i entered a room and heard the word dota.

Posted by Mechazawasan

I want a dedicated "Brad plays with his guinea pigs" feature. If you don't deliver this, you are letting your fanbase down.

Posted by MEATBALL

I remember when Brad played videogames.

Posted by cooljammer00

Potato Marshal returns!

Posted by huser

My guinea pig LOVED apples. Like the moment the slightest sound of apple peeling occurred she'd start squealing.

Posted by SpaceRunaway

Look I am here because I heard there were guinea pigs. What is this.

Posted by Duffyside

Hey Giant Bomb Community of Friends and Brothers and Sisters! I'd like to watch some of the best Dota matches Brad's put up, both in the competitiveness of the match, and in the hilarity department. Anyone have any recommendations?

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Lore talk is good fun. On an episode of Dota Today Greg Kasavin talked about writing the backstory for Magnus, too bad Valve turned down his original sexier ideas.

Posted by CitizenCoffeeCake

@brad I don't play DOTA but I find this shit interesting.

Posted by Cybexx

Go go commerce! Guinea Pigs Ahoy!

Posted by Rasmoss

But are they good hats or bad hats?

Posted by Nephrahim

I told you in twitter I wanted to watch you open hats, then I joined the chat and to watch you open hats, now I'm watching the bits I missed.

I don't even LIKE Dota (Guinea Pigs are alright though.)

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i don't like guinea peegs (kinda biting my tongue here) but ill definitely make an exception for yours brad <3

Posted by hollitz

1:24:00 for hot piggie action

Thank you!

Guinea Pigs are little cuties. I love when they squeak.

Posted by 5p3ktro

"Why wouldn't you?"? "Why whould'nt you?"!?!?!?! lol Brad.

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Brad got me into StarCraft 2 for awhile, so much that I was actually paying to watch those chuckle-heads on GomTV. Not letting it happen again... Wow cool loot!

Posted by Daveyo520

Remember to silence as Drow Brad.

Edited by GuardianKnux

I love hats, chubby animals, and Dota. This is the stream for me.

Posted by MormonWarrior


Posted by D_W


Posted by JustKamToo

I hate DOTA, there I said it!

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Brad needs to get some non-virtual hats for his non-virtual piggies.

Posted by Mister_V

Brad's baby voice is somthing to behold.

Also I need that clockwerk set.

Also I need to learn how to play clockwerk.

Posted by AMyggen

What is Giant Bomb?

Posted by kippers

timecode for the guinea pigs?

Edited by Y2Ken

@megalowho: Greg Kasavin's sexy Magnus concept was incredible.

Love me some Dota, that International thing was a pretty good warm up to the big main event heading our way shortly - The Rektreational comes!

As someone in the chat mentioned, Clockwerk is one of the "Keen Folk" - he is the same race as Sniper and Tinker according to his bio. I wouldn't be surprised if the likes of Timbersaw and Alchemist were too, but I don't think their bios mention it.

Oh, and @brad - set aside 10-20 minutes and sort your inventory out. You'll be all the better off for it. I'd recommend leaving Page 1 blank as well because it makes finding your new stuff (and unpacking things) easier.

EDIT: OHHHH my Brad talking to animals is the cutest thing ahhh

Posted by Corvak

Dota? Hats?

What the hell is going on at Giant Bomb?

...I remember when this site used to just be about WWE pro wrestling.

Edited by Scotto

Love this site, and obviously they can cover whatever they want, but fuck me am I tired of hearing about DOTA 2. That's all I wanted to say, really.

Posted by RazielCuts

1:24:00 for hot piggie action

Thanks, this is what I came for.

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