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Posted by snide

Hilarious rewind n the beginning! First post!

edit: god damnit! And I work here!

Posted by Gnome

Guess I'll try the demo

Posted by jarryd

awesome work guys.

great work with the editing vinny

Posted by jarryd

haha i win snide

Posted by AEKtzis

great video review.

Evil rabbit at the end!!! ah!!!!

Posted by xxDrAiNxx

Awesome review! Keep up the amazing work GB crew!

Posted by bucky

nice editing

Posted by zoozilla

I'll definitely need to try it out.

XBL is really getting some awesome games this year....I'm excited.

Posted by Galiant

I really want to try this, but I'm not buying an XBOX360 for it. =(

Nice editing in this video, as always!

Posted by Petro

sick game review, makes me really want to get brain

Posted by Knibbly

Did anyone else think Maple Story with time manipulation? (speaking in terms of art style and control)

Posted by Pop

What does it say at the beginning? I think it's something backwards^^ GB is evil, good review, I need to play this game to see what's so hard about it.

edit: at the beginning it says Video review backwards and Ryan's first words sound like "blablabla" (backwards I mean)xD

Posted by Banzai_NL

Saweet! Braid rocks!

Posted by Haklin

Man I love video reviews from GB! This is definitely one of the sites strong points

Posted by Light_Bahamut

And this is why an "indie" site like GB kicks so much righteous ass, great video reviews like this. 

Posted by ahoodedfigure

Creepy bunny.

Don't be afraid to say it, Ryan!  If it's true, let your heart speak!

Posted by imHunt

looks good!

Posted by kuddles

When I read the heading very quickly, I thought it said Brad found a way into your heart., and I was like, "finally, he admits it."

Good review, although I think all the crazy positive reviews ruined it for me.  I'm enjoying the game but not as much as I thought I would.

Posted by Geno

I hope this game comes to Steam soon. Nice video review!

Posted by UpMax

Good stuff Ryan

Posted by jyurakyumihawk

Clever editing. If only Jeff has a green glow around him and ended up standing in front of Ryan the second time around.

Posted by Duffy

Awesome review, totally agreed with Ryan. Also great rewind ... shit! <<

Posted by Kohe321

Awesome! Braid rocks! Video reviews should be mandatory for every game you review, they are so good :)

Posted by get2sammyb

The video editing was sweet in that. Haha. Genius.

PSN version DAMMIT.

Posted by fleethefactory

Really sweet review for an amazing game.  Good job as always guys!

Posted by Ben101

Nice review.

Posted by Gump

Yeah, GB Reviews and Vid. Reviews, the perfect combination for a video game website.

Posted by joslop500

Love the video review!! I think I might shell out some MS points to buy Braid

Posted by imayellowfellow

hahah wat a joke at the beginnning there

Posted by John

xbla video reviews = awesome.

Posted by Bezz

Man this is super sweet!
Keep up the absolutely awsome work up!

Posted by Cirdain

don't change this theme tune please

Posted by xv0id

I think I'm going to check this game out.

Posted by Poost

Now that I've seen the game in motion, I will probably have to go buy this now.

Posted by Zuul

Haha. You guys have the BEST video reviews of everywhere.  I love how you dudes just say it how you see it.  That's it. :D

Posted by Bucketdeth

Awesome review Ryan.

Posted by hungrynun

Sick wit it.

Posted by Leon31

Good review, and I definitly have to agree that everyone should try this game. Great game.


I really don't like the game.  I don't enjoy being frustrated and punished for not knowing how to jump to the top of the sky to grab 1 puzzle piece.  Maybe after more levels it will start to make sense, but I can't figure out how to get "Ghost ME" to walk and not just stand there, and how to get past the deadly bunnies.  You can't reverse them popping out of the ground.

Posted by banksrob

might buy braid now :P

Posted by F1

Awesome game, awesome vid review. You are so right, these puzzles are SO frustrating, but when I finally solve them, I feel like I should be in Mensa or something!

Posted by viking

Ryans eyes are completely mesmerizing. Honest to god. I hope you never do commercials, cause I would buy everything you endorsed, even if it were oatmilk!

Posted by TheGTAvaccine

Great review for a great game.

Posted by Mexicutioner

this game should be on PS3

Posted by Zebadee

I love the fact that there are no more rules you guys have to follow when it comes to reviews, it lets you guys make some awesome stuff!

Posted by YetiAntics

I really was expecting to rewind to the part where Jeff dedicatinly declares "I love boobs. Boobs are awesome!"
Great Review!

Posted by Clean

good review I just bought it today

Posted by Nik_NYG

I really don't like this game as much as other people seem to.

Posted by Dethfish

Just watching the review was hurting my brain. It looks to hard for me.

Posted by Rekt_Hed

whoa....that game looks crazy twisted freaky time warped madness

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