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Lmao, I wanted to steal that from someone.

Anyway, I can't believe that this isn't done in 1 part, seriously. It's easy!

EDIT: Wow, 2 hours worth. That really is pulling a brad.

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Man, can't wait to watch this

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Sweet I remember trying to get that cheevo

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Any ETA on when Part 2 will be up? Don't want to watch this then never know when two will be up. Still waiting on more of the Skyrim video to be added and it;s driving me nuts. Tried watching the archive of it on JTV but it's so dam grainy.

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I've been looking forward to this!!

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Tango down at section one alpha.

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FINALLY! I so wanted to see this but I missed it live. 
@crusader8463:  If you mean Greg Playing Skyrim the whole thing is already up. All 8 parts are in the videos under the features section. They've been up for a long while now.
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Did I ever tell you what the definition of insanity is?

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Weapons free motherfucker

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PROTIP: Shoot the bathroom terrorist until he is dead.

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@Baillie: It was 4 hours, looks like they are breaking it in half.

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@Baillie: This is only the first part, the livestream in its entirety went for about 3-4 hours. It was fun to watch. You can't say Brad wasn't persistent! :D
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I love these videos, Brad will have to leave Giant Bomb after a Nervous Breakdown but I think its worth it....

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Of course this would be up before I go to bed, oh well...

Edit: Jeff at 14:35 "dude yeah... you're shit"... ouch.

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@super2j: IDBIB

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I kept thinking to myself while watching this, "he isn't using his entire arsenal." No pistol, no crouch/prone and no flashbangs. This mission isn't easy by any stretch, but he was making it more difficult than it had to be.

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I remember beating this on veteran. Good luck Brad!

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This thing is 4 hours long? Wow, Brad, I salute your dedication. I'll check this out later tonight.

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I like the part where there's a hull breach.

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IBIB! One day Brad will succeed in one of these and it shall be glorious.

As morale-crushing as this 4 hour masochism-fest was, it was cool how much more dedicated he was with it, over the Geometry Wars run for example.

Until next time; keep BIB.

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Woo! More Breaking Brad!

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This is fucking infuriating. I want to yell like, "don't turn around from your flashbangs!" "Don't crouch THE ENTIRE TIME!" and "Shoot them RIGHT AFTER you flash them not flash them and then reload and wait for them to recover." ugh...

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@KneehighPark: He didn't need luck he needed to listen to reason and advice and oh yeah more FLASHBANGS!
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@GeneralBison said:

Woo! More Breaking Brad!

Off-topic but great avatar man. I saw them live a few months ago and was the best experience of my life. Glad to see people with good taste ;)

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He's pretty Brad at this game.

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Haven't watched it yet but my prediction is Brad will never get this. I've tried for years and never gotten it.

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good luck

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This is to hard to watch.

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I'm not sure if he got it cause I still have to watch. But you just have to play alone in a room for a while with intense concentration and calculate every single bullet and move you make and then you will eventually beat it. Its sorta comparable to a mega man game where you just have to keep dying until you know every move you need to make and every place you need to go perfectly without hesitation.

Also as someone who has already done this, this is hard to watch lol.

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If only the Brad-o-Vision PIP was going the whole time [rage face].

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Weapons free.

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Breaking Brad is back!

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Man, I gotta admire that Brad tried to do this without consulting any form of help (if the Bombcast is anything to go by) - if I didn't have that little video loaded onto my iPod when I tried for 2 hours to complete this goddamn achievement, I wouldn't have even come close to getting it.

Still, one of the most satisfying cheevos I've ever garnered.

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Spoiler: He gets better. These early parts are pretty hard to watch, but he does get better.

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Brad is so bad at this it's frustrating...damn

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Great, thanks guys.

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These Brad features are the best... That's right, even better than Jar Time with Jeff.

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don't like this game much but i do admire perseverance in pursuit of a gaol :D

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@Dethfish77: It's just one of those things you need to practice over and over. I got it on my like 50th try. My girlfriend shamed me and got in on her 7th.

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Thank God for the archive!

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How can anyone not run up and knife the toilet dude every time? Also why would you ever even walk in this once?

Well, if he actually gets this, I guess I'll have to rent the game again and do the achievement too, 'cause damn. I remember trying it for about an hour or so, making it to the end twice and messing up by shooting the freaking VIP. Never cared for this again after that.

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@Slaegar said:

Sweet I remember trying to get that cheeto

Yeah Cheetos!

Also in all honestly, I just replayed this. This aint a hard level. It's the first floor that can make flashbangs not work.

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Oh no, Brad.

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I believe, in section one alpha, there are tangos that could possibly be down.

Also, weapons free.

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lol sometimes I wonder what goes through his mind! like out of nowhere just charge and knife a guy while everyone around him shoots him... and jeff is like "no uh you don't do that" hahahaha