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Awesome! I've been waiting for the archive.

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Holy shit, three parts? Nice!


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Hell yea! Missed the live stream, its 2am and i was gonna go to bed, but fuck it. Sleep is for the weak!

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Damn- three parts?! How long was the stream; I missed it!

Posted by Hokucho

go teambrad!


fuck yea

Posted by SuicidalManiac

The more Brads the better!

Posted by Robopengy

Anyone else see this on Twitter while waiting for Randy Pitchford?

Posted by Cincaid

@Robopengy said:

Anyone else see this on Twitter while waiting for Randy Pitchford?


Posted by joshthebear

Three parts? Holy shit.


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Love when Brad Muir stops by

Posted by artofwar420

Yes! Here we go! EPIC COBRA BRAD DOOM!

Posted by Robopengy

@Cincaid: Woo get ready! :Db

Posted by Undeadpool

Who can stop TWO BRADS??!!

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@Robopengy: Woop, got the key! Shame it's only one, I remember him handing out a code for 10 (!) one time which I missed, but better than nothing!

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For all that it matters now that brad is done, the BFG has a range that extends from the location of the player, not the ball itself. If enemies are far away, you just tickle them while wasting tons of ammo.

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Thank you Vinnie or whoever else did the work to post this. Extremely entertaining after coming home from bar close

Posted by Phished0ne

Give credit where credit is due. John Romero just took inspiration for "Murder holes" from history.

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That thumbnail is SEXY ! Also, YEAAAAAAAAAAAH BRAD MUIR !

Posted by SleepyDoughnut

I wish Brad Muir was a permanent member of the staff

Posted by Dimil0c0

@SleepyDoughnut: You wish him to be a permanent member of the staff? Is he or was he ever, a temporary member of the staff? He works for Tim Schaefer.

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Lol Patrick really gets into it.

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Can I just say that having Brad Muir involved in anything Giant Bomb related is amazing?

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Double Brad, double fiiiine.

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Missed the first couple of hours so I'm pumped for this.

Had it really been June since he last did this? Man, it really doesn't seem that long. My sense of time is fucked these days.

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I want to be a Brad Muir when I grow up

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Muir's Carmack impersonation at 56:53 is fantastic.

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this is too good

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this is fantastic

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You guys should get some better mics. Ones that can stand the yelling without crackling the sound.

Posted by Abendlaender

Double the Brad, double the mad!

(Well, it kinda works right?)

Posted by ZmillA

brad muir is better than alexis

Posted by Ghostiet

"It is hard out here for an imp" had me in tears. Especially since I got the reference only after a few seconds.

Posted by Mathematics

Was not expecting these videos up until next week. Kudos for the dedication guys, enjoy your weekend.

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Two in the Pinky, one in the Impy.  

Shotgun I mean.

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@Phished0ne: Thank you for pointing this out, it was bugging me! Brad M was about to lay down some history and Brad S was all "fuck that noise, Romero Rules!"

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When you guys get tired of hearing Patrick say "clutch" at the end of Part 3, just remember that Muir started it, at about 8 mins in.

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Am I the only one who feels like these later levels look way easier than the early ones?

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Duke Nukem 3D had grenades.

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My first premium member's stream was so good! :D

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So much Brad going on last night.

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So, the next Breaking Brad is Dark Souls, right?

Posted by fuzzypumpkin

"I don't wanna hit that switch."

"Hit that switch."

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@Flacracker: Actually Duke Nukem 3D had pipe bombs, but ya close enough.
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He really is bad at games. I can't tell if he is being intentionally stupid for the live stream or not.

Posted by mrsmiley

*looks at almost 2 hour time stamp for JUST PART 1*

*grabs popcorn*

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100% kills! 100% items! BOOOOM!